Grand Theft Auto 4 isn't talked about sufficient. Regardless of large success, it nonetheless doesn't get sufficient love.
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    1. @4K Video Source Same here lad i bought the PS2 after seeing my friend’s brother playing it, i saved all my wages for a few weeks and bought one, so many great memories of it 😁

    2. Probably not the best one but I’ve very fond memories of GTA3, i remember my friend’s brother had only bought the PS2 and my jaw nearly hit the floor when i seen how good it looked (for the time) 🤣 so i saved up my wages for a few weeks and bought the PS2 and GTA3, the PS2 was a hell of a machine so many great memories from that system 🥰

    1. Lmao I was just think about me n my friend freaking out over being able to see you feet accurately walk upstairs. Gta4 defines the 360/ps3 era of gaming. That game still looks decent 12 years later. Modern Warfare 2 is on that list for me as well.

  1. Gta 4 was so ahead of its time, even if they release it on 2021 with slightly polished graphics like we seen with mods I would’ve believed it as new games. The mechanics, the physics, the feel about the game…. Can’t believe this game was out back in 2008

    1. @JRLM bruh talking like his 2 cents are worth more than that😂

      Well. It’s a free land and this is the comments section

    2. Except the mission design and the fact that there are no checkpoints. I really liked the more oldschool approach, though. It’s really refreshing for todays standards.

    3. @Wild Nugget All those games I mentioned are great. The Mafia series is excellent, especially the remastered versions… watchdogs are fun too… and cyberpunk is the most beautiful game I ever played to date; of course, I game on the PC in 4k with an RTX 3080, so we see experience these games differently altogether figuratively and literally.

    1. @Elvis Cirkic Dont talk about your region like that, sure it had a dark history but you guys should work on how to fix and establish good relationships with your neighbor countries.

    2. As someone coming from the same part of Europe as him, I can confirm that they also “tricked” many older guys into killing their friends, neighbours and sometimes even relatives, most of them unarmed civilians. People from the Balkans have to be some of the dumbest and most evil ones in the whole world.

    1. I remember when many voice actors went on strike for not being paid enough for their work. This is why they should unionise. The gaming industry like other industries has a lot of corporate higher ups who are corrupt and only care about the sales and markets.

      Jim Sterling is a good channel that criticises the corporations in the gaming industry.

    1. No no you don’t. After the broken mess of the GTA SA 2.0 update on steam and the utter butchering “remaster” by a 3rd party contracted company for consoles and R* launcher you do not want a GTA IV remaster. Still to this day the best way to play GTA SA is to find a disc from 2004 with the 1.00 update or 1.01 update that fixes certain things.

    2. @Andrea Tilli Amazon accidentally leaked it with a ‘pre order for ps5’ page that was quickly taken down. Google gtaiv complete edition ps5 and a Forbes article will come up about it.

    1. Yeah I was thinking the most underrated GTA would have to be GTA LCS(Liberty City Stories) or GTA London. Nobody ever talks about these two games on the scales of the mainline series. ChinaTown Wars gets talked about more than these two.

    2. @The Zoom Its underrated, not many people talk about it. Smaller scale game, but full of charm, and unique atmosphere. Its the definition of underrated.

    3. @Azgothe Defiler their attention to detail is still unbelievable to this day

      They deserve every $5billion they earn from GTA V online

  2. This game changed EVERYTHING. I’ll never forget experiencing the vehicle physics for the first time. And of course, that sign that has “ANAL BURNS” spray painted on it lol

    1. also I was mind blown when I saw you can take cover behind walls, the computer in the police car, calling the taxi, People fixing their car on the side of the road, getting this Out of the trunk, using the phone.. and obviously the new york theme. because of all of this gta 4 will have a special place in my heart

    1. @Sean Mather it has a quiet mode you can enable in the cellphone, it will stop all those incoming calls, even the story ones.


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