10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of December 2020

January 2020 actually ended with a bang within the gaming information world. From Cyberpunk 2077 to inverted management gamer mind research, it was loopy. Test these out.
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Comment (66)

    1. @Mads B Yup. FoldingAtHome existed for years, but this was the first time gamers were given direct control and they figured out everything immediately.

    1. The fact that he had to hide from her shows that she is a monster. It’s sad that he is in such a situation, that marriage will not last.

    2. @Ciarla Art The fact that she forced him to sell it for a low price is proof that their financial situation is fine. She just did that to spite him. Like a bully.

    3. @AkiRa22084 I actually saw friends of mine subjecting themselves to such in long relationships. It can last. But it will not fully happy.

    1. @Stinkyremy who would admit they burgle houses to some stranger. That would be dumb and you shouldn’t get involved with those people. I know from experience.

    2. Best way to do it, go to their house, look at the console, say actually no, then give their address to the local burglary team.
      Win win.

    3. @bigfoot12118

      The Scalpers were getting harmed?

      What’s assaulting 1 out of hundreds of thousands of scalpers going to do?
      *Leave a Family Fatherless, while he goes to jail, and not the scalper*

  1. I know they’re working on Vaccines right now. But I’m really hoping for a cure for people who use inverted controls.

    1. I don’t do this well I used to play with a joystick on PC when I played FSX back in the day. Now any flighting I do in game is just normal not inverted since I play the rest of the game not invented.

    1. @AlchemistOfNirnroot I would. One person said it and now everyone thinks they’re the only one who’s read it and parrots it.

    2. @Tristin Campbell

      That’s really Egotistical.

      I don’t even know who “Internet historian” is.
      Maybe you guys are on YouTube far too much?
      We really being analytical and judgemental with comments now, geeze.

    3. Hardly a fall at all, the issues aren’t even close to something like No Man’s Sky at launch (now one of the greatest games ever) or Anthem (being rebuilt). All it needs is a couple months worth of patches.

    1. @Chiheb Bacha

      Nah, YouTube viewers have become 3 times more Hypersensitive this month.

      They realize 2020 is ending.

    2. @Ashish Kalam

      The Bidet….
      Please tell me, what happens to the Feces, drenched in water that drips when someone fixes themselves after using the toilet?

      What about if that person had diarrhea?
      What if the person threw up?

      Bidet’s aren’t a multi fix bud.
      At the most, the way you imply Bidet’s makes it seem like you’re boasting about having water up your rectum.

      Which is quite disturbing.
      Please do rethink your comment.


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