10 LONGEST Single Player Experiences of 2020

Out of all the large mainstream singleplayer game releases this year, these will take you the longest to finish. We’ve acquired technique video games, RPGs, high-school simulations, and extra!
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  1. I’ve played the last of us part 2 , took me forever to finish , I only played small bursts here and there , then I recently finished Detroit become human

  2. The ghost of Tsushima art project line made me realize that it was cause I take a new photo every time I play it

    1. I picked it up again when I got my PS5. Game is freaking awesome! Hope we get a sequel. Just a few trophies away from the Platinum

    2. @Noe Hernandez yeah thats where I left as well. Restarted when I got my ps5. Give it another shot; it gets really good

    1. Easily 365 days worth of content there bro… Unless you do all the dlc. 😆
      Heard the microtransactions are horrible too

  3. Holy damn, 20-26 hours for Immortals? I’m just about 20 hours in and only just uncovered a second area on the mainland.

    1. @Edinilson Gama not really an rpg, more of an open world action/puzzle game with a few rpg mechanics like armor upgrades but yea

    1. @Matri Hamilton Jr ah well i guess u are more interested in games which has good gameplay. Since i also play destiny2, gameplay is awesome. Mostly i play games that are really immersive and kinda just sucks you into their world. That makes me wonder what would i do if im living in that world. I have a very strong imagination 😂. But hey it might not be everyones cup of tea. I just like to escape reality once in a while

    2. @meg san yeah a lot of games just don’t interests me unless I’m interested. Like personally I hate most of the open world and hub games. I much rather play through well made missions with exciting twists and etc. Than compared to open worlds or games like destiny,which I still liked, that have different missions go on in the same place but sends waves of different enemies at you depending on the mission

    3. @Mathjestic Gaming Cyberpunk would be worse if it was longer, game was very rushed, with a lot of glaring problems and corners being cut

    4. @Matri Hamilton Jr you can try xcom series. U might also like gtfo or the new zombie game. Or just checkout some other mmorpg out there

    5. @ComfortableWedgie no you won’t. because then i wouldn’t even have bought the games to get to fill up my library to begin with. yes shorter games are nice. but expectign the longest games to be short is just fucked up.

    1. @Clarinco yes, we should take our own time to explore all areas of the game. It’s not about finishing games fast, it’s about enjoying them.

  4. Imagine paying idk… 60? for fast and furious crosscroads, a game that takes 3 hours to complete, when you can pay the same for a good, high quality, fun, 30+ hour game.

  5. I actually haven’t even bought any games from 2020 yet because I’m still playing other games. It works great, when I get around to the 2020 games, they’ll be cheaper and the bugs will be fixed!

    1. @melloman999 I say definitely, maybe I’m biased tho since it is my favorite game of all time and I’ve played other persona games but I’ve never played the original persona 5 only royal, but you should watch a video about the new content or smth I think it would be worth it plus maybe it’s on sale for the holidays

    2. @melloman999 Absolutely. Loved everything they did with it. My GOTY with no close second. I played twice, each clocking in at 200 hours. And it was worth it after the 1000+ I had in the first game.

    3. @melloman999 It isn’t just the new content. That alone is about 50 hours, but they fine tuned every aspect of the gameplay just elevating it to a new level. No game comes close to being this good.

    4. @melloman999 if you liked the original game and if it’s been a while since you played it, I would say yes, and I say this because I love Persona 5, but I can’t imagine playing the original and royal back to back, there’re some cool differences, but the first year in the game is mostly the same

    1. Right??? Dunno how it isn’t on this list, I beat it after exactly 80 hours lol. Just cause it’s a remake doesn’t excuse it because P5R is on this list and it’s a rerelease with extra content

  6. My wife bought me Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Persona 5 Royal for Christmas. I’ll see you guys in a few years.


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