2020 had a ton of unusual information tales from the gaming business world. Listed below are a few of the greatest/most fascinating tales.
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  1. These guys are the only game journalists that I watch and trust. Great job on keeping up with the news in 2020 and looking forward for y’all to cover games in 2021!๐Ÿ‘

    1. Especially the before you buy, they’ve saved me some money, and also given me some good views for games I already bought and then checked out the before you buy.

  2. “Unprecedented” really was the keyword on 2020, now let’s see what’s coming for this new console generation

    1. @Hibbs Dibble it is we are literally going through once in century pandemic millions literally lost life’s, jobs, literally GDP of earth shrank a city blew up . So yeah it’s unprecedented

  3. A special “thank you” to *you*, Jake. Without the “Before You Buy” series, I’d have had buyer’s remorse all year.๐Ÿ˜‚ Pizzas on you, beers on me ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Should make a bully 2, a plain and simple single player game. Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a single player u can sit down with and have no distractions from a online community

    2. @Eurico Aw GTA without Benzies or Houser isn’t GTA. Just like Super snash bros without Sakurai, A mario or zelda game without Koji Konjo, or Halo without Microsoft.

    3. @Chris Williams stop being pessimistic, I understand what these people mean for the game series but there are always going to be new people who will take over and with your mentality newcomers shouldn’t even try and just leave everything to the current and old gen.

    4. Yeah I used to love GTA 5 but they kept adding stupid updates to online which just ruined the online experience with dumb stuff like flying bikes and just op stuff

    1. @EatSnow AndDie your good bro yea I wasnt trying to sound mean about waiting for ps5 I’m just happy that the ps4 will still be supported for the time being

    2. @Apathy Guy some people are just made of money. They spend thousands on Canada goose coats and gucci so 1000 dollars on a ps5 is nothing to them they don’t want to line up or watch sites 24 7

    3. @DBK KDB It prolly will be supported for a couple more years, just like ps3 was a little after the ps4 came out. I’m just hoping to get a ps5 some time this year.

    4. @MEME General they could write a script that let’s your bot work if you only go for 1 ps5. Not an expert but I would guess that’s what I would do if I knew.

  4. Again: thank you very much for watching throughout 2020. We’re grateful for it. Have a Happy New Year.
    Onward to 2021 and more video games!

    1. @Master I’ve been watching this chanel for more than half a decade, the amount of pizzas Jake owes me could end world hunger.

    1. These journalists have to do certain favors to get early review copies. Thumbs getting stuck in holes may happen. Neil cรผckmann likes it ruff.


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