10 BEST PC Graphics of 2020 [4K ULTRA SETTINGS]

2020 was a benchmark year in PC game graphics. Avid gamers noticed a generational leap in visuals and ray tracing is right here to remain. Right here's probably the most spectacular, practical graphics we've seen this previous year on Steam, Epic, and past!
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  1. “As someone who barely knows what an airplane is….”

    Haha! That’s okay Jake, I still don’t understand helicopters.

    1. ​@Mister Riös yup, a plane has a fixed wing and goes forward, thats the basic principle of its flight. A helicopter on the other hand has blades that adjust the angle of attack, depending on where you want to move. The change in angle changes the airflow and allows you to control the pitch and roll movement. When the blade rotors spin, they create movement which cause the helicopter to spin on the opposite direction, so the tail rotor is installed, and the speed of the tail rotor is what allows the helicopter to turn left or right.

    2. @Mister Riös Haha yeah way more. It’s true that I don’t but the joke definitely didn’t work, you’re right lol

  2. To me, the Mafia Definitive Edition is an underrated release this year that game does really look good for the setting. I also love the fact how they managed reflections in that game even with screen space reflections they look like ray traced reflections.

    1. @Meraj Rahman yeah man, my CP2077 didn’t crash once but i only reached the beginning of the heist so far. I have the rest of Mafia games to play after this

    2. @Meraj Rahman it was great at the time! Unique as far as open world games were. It’d probably be annoying to play today so it’s awesome to get a remake, I haven’t gotten it yet

    3. @Aris98 The thing that amazes me by how they nailed screen space reflections they almost look like they are ray traced.

    1. @Scero Ye there is a lot of hyperbole around Facebook’s irritating purchase of Oculus. I use the Mrs’ Facebook account. If Zuck wants to look at what games I play, and what artistic 8k content I watch, he’s welcome. I sold my soul years ago, probably, so Zuck gets sloppy seconds. 😂

    2. Not only i would try VR games ,but also console games… but there are other things to pay for, maybe this year will be a greater one and I’ll manage to get a console or VR kit…

    1. I have a ryzen 5 3600 and 1080ti and you know what, i was saving for 7-8 months and bought it, its doable, and my paycheck is around 350-400euros

    2. What I like the most is that even with those insane graphics it still runs butter smooth. I wish more games had half the optimization levels that Doom Eternal has. That should be an industry standard

    1. It looks like is running on a PS4, sorry but the game isnt that pretty compared to others that came out in 2020, like Crysis Remastered or Mafia

    1. @Jayden Arevalo I can’t tell whether you are being sarcastic or not cos a 2060 is a really good graphics card. I have a 1050 and everything runs fine.

    1. @LesClaypool OnBass ooh ok. Yeah an optimized game means to be able to run on all consoles and PCs smoothly,no mater the hardware. Like, they optimized it so well it can run incredibly smoothly on switch,which compared to say,an xbox one, has pretty bad hardware

    1. Cyberpunk is the most beautiful game I saw. The world is fully raytraced… If you don’t have the graphics card to run this in 4k or higher, you’re missing out. If you can, it’s a glimpse of what’s t come for games from now on.

  3. “The streets of London are very often covered with rain. Puddles everywhere, because of course this is the next generation so we have to flex a little bit, right?”
    Erm, actually, that’s just London as always – covered with rain xD

  4. For sheer realism and immersion, Half-Life Alyx is unbeaten. When you’re walking down some hallways in that game, with the light streaming in from the windows, it’s like you’re really there. It’s indescribable without actually experiencing it first hand. Even when I was nearing the end of the game I still found myself trying to rest my arm on a virtual bed because I totally forgot in the moment that I was just playing a videogame. It’s amazing.

    1. @Awesome! I get that. I tried leaning on a virtual table at Russel’s to rest my feet for a second. Your virtual hands stop at the table so you forget your real ones don’t. Takes a second of tipping over to realize the folly of your actions.

    2. @Martin Blanch As a long time super-fan, a former moderator of a half-life forum before HL2 was even released, I kinda hope they don’t. Alyx is just such a mind blowing accomplishment in gaming, it’s light years ahead of anything else I’ve played. I hope you can experience it one day. Going back to a regular FPS style would be a major step backwards in my opinion.

    1. Yeah they do look great, only issue is the screen space reflections are super fuzzy and grainy, so hopefully RE8 has RTX so people with RTX cards can at least get around that. But RE7, RE2R and RE3R look amazing

    1. @Mister Unknown I used to have a bad internet and I was forced to watch videos at 360p because it will take forever to load a video or even show an error on higher qualities. Now I can watch 720p with a little of loading

    2. Allright, so youre internet was just bad at the time! Such things make youre appreciate things more if youre having more quality in this matter…if you can understand what i am saying:)

    3. @Mister Unknown it’s none of those things, take some comments with a pinch of salt 🙂 I can watch in 1080p on my phone, laptop or TV and my internet wired, wireless or mobile is good enough for it also but once upon a time it truly was a struggle and 480p was as good as it got due to crappy internet

    4. @Mister Unknown If you’re on cellular, most ISPs throttle you to not run above 360p. I know for me I can run 480p solid with a giant buffer instantly appearing, but flip it to 720p and it just buffers every 10 seconds. Turn on a VPN and it goes away as now they don’t know the resolution you’re watching or even that you’re watching videos. Greedy corporations.

    1. @Doge Enthusiast if you’re playing Black Ops aside from the better Modern Warfare reboot, you’re missing the point 😋


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