10 SURPRISE HITS of 2020

There have been some video games in 2020 that we merely didn't see coming.
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Platform : PC

Launch Date : June 2, 2020


Platform : PC

Launch Date : October 29, 2020


Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE October 27, 2020

Launch Date : Switch November 10, 2020


Platform : PC Switch

Launch Date : September 17, 2020

immortal phoenix rising

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX Stadia Amazon Luna Switch

Launch Date : December 3, 2020


Platform : PC

Launch Date : September 18, 2020


Platform : PC

Launch Date : 15 October 2020

Fall Guys

Platform : PC PS4

Launch Date : 4 August 2020

Mortal shell

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Launch Date : 18 August 2020

#1 Black Mesa

Platform : PC Linux

Launch Date : March 6, 2020



Platform : PC Switch

Till You Fall

Platform : PC

Launch Date : 27 Oct, 2020


Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Launch Date : 30 Oct, 2020

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Comment (75)

  1. I survive two valorant advertisements in a row before the video, and the first thing that’s mentioned is valorant

  2. The comment section is filled with Immortal’s and Genshin’s praise, looks like they are most surprising this year…

    1. @David Nitchman Do people actually like playing it or do people just like watching people play it? Because I don’t know anyone who has a large enough group of friends to play it consistently and Among Us is terrible with randos.

    2. @dollahbill510 that’s where you’re just wrong. It is consistently in the top games streamed on Twitch and has a massive amount of content on YouTube. This game is still a hit.

      Just because you didn’t like it after a week doesn’t mean that it isn’t a hit. That’s like me saying that RDR2 wasn’t a hit because I don’t like rockstar games.

    3. Among Us isn’t some surprise hit, hell… it’s not even a hit. Among Us was fun from the first week of playing it, to maybe the first month, depending on how many people you have that play it.

      In order for the game to be fun, you need friends to play with. Otherwise, you just get one person yelling “sus” while 5 other morons vote for who is getting targeted by lead morons “sus”

    1. @Zulkarnain Abd Malik it is a gacha game indeed but comparing it to games like fifa is not fare those games are competitive games and it’s all based on what you get from the packs/loot boxes but genshin on the other hand is f2p friendly I’ve been playing it since the launch and haven’t spent a single money and still got pretty much what I want. And you don’t need to have every character in the game to beat it there are many youtubers/streamers who have beaten the hardest content in the game with the characters you get just by playing without summoning let alone spending a single money which is why I’m fine with it being gacha game

    2. Every one talking about is Genshin is good or bad, you are missing the point. People called Genshin a rip off before release, many still do, but it was undeniably a success, a huge one, which is the point of this list.

    1. I wish I bought that but I’m waiting for Sony to give me a refund for Cold War since it’s hard crashed my ps5 and is on the verge of bricking the console

  3. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a superb game, highly recommend it. Been playing it the last few days and I’m loving it, I was hoping it would be good and it is genuinely awesome. They have done a great job making this, the gameplay is brilliant, the story is interesting, the characters are fun and engaging plus some of the dialogue is very funny. The world is beautiful and imaginative. They have used influences from Odyssey and Botw to create their own game which stands on its own feet. Very pleased, played lots of hours and loving it!

    1. Tbh i did not expect to enjoy this game as much as i do i wanted a ps5 game and there aremy that many so i got it and omg its fun

  4. For me it was Spiritfarer, had no prior knowledge of it, then briefly read about the premise. And well, after the year we’ve all had it seemed like the right game to play.

    1. You had no knowledge about it because, spiritfarer’s reveal was just after cyberpunk trailer revealed along with Keanu reevs. So, basically nobody even noticed that game

    1. @I I but it has a good Graphics gameplay and big open world for free u dont normaly get that game for free thats a Little revolution and besides there are people that likes game with grind like me

    2. @1932__Vaishnav Kadam Very true, but that’s the reason.
      A free to play, gacha, mobile game, that many called a rip off, yet it was very successful. This is the definition of a surprise hit.

    1. You’d be surprised how many people think tooken is a word also worser isn’t either let’s leave them both in 2020 😂

    2. Gah I’m so glad someone else caught this.. love Falcon, love GameRanx. But geeee that’s one of my biggest pet peeves.. tooken in any sense. 😂

    1. Hades was awesome i like how the game is a endless loop of trying to see mother, and how we are the same as Father unable to leave hell for long. Such a good game.

  5. Damn Genshin Impact is getting a lot of love in the comments lol. Wish it didn’t make my phone uncomfortably hot to hold when I use it :l

    1. @Electron Resonator i have a low end phone but i still played it for hours and my phone only got warm not hot so 🙄 idk why


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