5 RIDICULOUS Secret Endings In Recent Games

Some current video games have had some demanding and bizarre secret additional endings. Test 'em out!
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  1. The Hades “secret” ending isn’t secret at all as it’s the point of the game, and isn’t even the full actual ending.

  2. Realistically, if you choose to tell the truth, it sets you on the timeline which leads to Black Ops II. However, if you choose to lie, it pulls you off that timeline completely.

    1. @Homeboy Yes, but that would still pull you off the timeline that would lead to Black Ops II. Because Europe would have imploded, and the US would have been targeted. However, none of that was referenced in Black Ops II, so it wouldn’t make sense.

    2. Technically, you could argue that if you lie but don’t call in an ambush, that could be the actual storyline. Inkslasher made a video on this

  3. Wish you’d list the games covered and timestamps for people Falcon in case they want to watch your video but may want to skip certain endings they’ve not completed.

    1. I mean… he didn’t even show the secret endings he just told you how to get them. You can also fast forward if you see an entry you don’t wanna see.

  4. The Hades ending you mentioned is not secret at all lmao. Should’ve talked about the *ACTUALLY KIND OF HIDDEN* epilogue.

    1. I think they dont like hades, they mention bcz hades win game of the year, they not playing hades long, hades much more story so good game

    2. @Silverizael yeah but its called a secret ending its not that hard to fine you can just Google it, its not like any of the other games tell you there’s a secret ending

    3. @someone He likely played it through the normal credits, as noted in the video. That doesn’t take that long to accomplish. And you don’t even really get hints toward there being an epilogue until a couple runs after that. He probably stopped after getting the regular credits ending.

    4. Ikr its like he didn’t even play it? He just did a quick wiki search. The ending he mentioned isn’t secret or hard you just gotta play the game for like 10-30 hours, but I guess he didn’t play it because if he did he whould of milked it and made a before you buy but even then he probably whould of only played like 3 hours until he beat hades 1 time

    5. Seriously, the epilogue takes way longer and you actually have to do specific things to unlock it and max all the Olympian god relationships.

  5. *spoilers*
    About the cyberpunk ending.
    You do NOT need 70% relationship status. You just need to have selected the right conversation options in the mission where you visit his grave after the boat mission. (Sorry if this is not clear enough , just trying to avoid spoiling the story) if you want more information then google it ❤

    1. @nerijus ramonas Not quite true. As I said I did it well below 70. At Johnny’s “grave” you need to say not only “Guy who saved my life” but also additionally that he fucked up and that you give him second chance. You can find guides on YT. And with that chain for sure you get access even at 40% cause thats what allowed me to play that final.

      So there are 2 options. People write wrong info or there are a few different ways of getting it (the higher percentage of your connection with Johnny the less proper dialog choices you need).

    2. @Spoink So maybe there are 2 conditions. You need proper choices or to be at 70%. Cause I have opened it while being at 40.

    1. but the secret ending’s suicide run mission are damn tough, I tried with below lvl30 and died within 10 seconds 😀

    2. @Scoot Amazing my thoughts exactly. i enjoyed my time with the game so i was ready to jump back into a second playthrough with a new lifepath with the secret ending in mind, but with the promise of a more “complete” version of the game later im opting to wait it out and have an even better experience next time.

    3. If you want to avoid making a second run just for that ending like I did, you can unlock it with the Cyber Engine Tweak mod. The mod unlocks the dev console in game and you can paste a command that will do that for you.

    4. @UnBR0k3enAngel well i got all the other endings so I proably do a second run of the game once all the dlc and stuff is out for it.

  6. Actually, that’s “a” ending in Hades. The True Ending is where you invite all the gods for a tea party after 100 ish runs.
    Not even joking.

  7. I wouldn’t call that Persona 5 Royal part a secret because not only is it hinted at, it was the entire point of rereleasing it lmao

  8. I still love blood moneys surprise ending to this day. First time I played I didn’t know you could get up during the cremation until I saw a video on YouTube

  9. There’s another layer to the lie ending in COD, You don’t need to lite Adler’s cigarette, you can just straight up shoot him, I, personally, used the sniper, quickscope.


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