30 INSANE Little Details In OLD GTA Games

The traditional Grand Theft Auto video games (GTA, GTA2, GTA3, Vice Metropolis, and San Andreas) are crammed with wonderful particulars that have been forward of the curve.
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Ghost ships (GTA_Vice_City)
Vice Squad



Locations closing

Ghost ships (GTA_Vice_City)

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Comment (82)

    1. @matt fahringer the PC version because it of mods and such and the OG experience with the PS2 version. I have it on PS2, PC and PS4/PS5 from the PS store.

    1. @ryuno2097 nah pretty sure this was planned before since they did their gta 4 video, that was before the Lamar thing, right?

    1. @mathieuvideosNL Don’t count on it. Some of the original bosses left. It’s likely going to be bogged down with microtransactions now. The good old days of R* are over.

    1. @Itspop4real Cyberpunk is a failure of a game. It doesn’t meen all games are cyberscam 2077. If that is what you’re on about. If you are on about gta online. The ai in the online mode is heavy nerfed to the point of being crippled. The reason being, The insane unpredictability of the story mode ai, Would cause absolute chaos online. and likely lag out the servers/.

    2. You know the little details sums up to a big part of immersion in video games, that and sound are the most important parts to immersion.

    3. Is this a jab at developers in general or rockstar? Cuz rockstars most recent game (rdr2) is to this day, 2 years later the most immersive game I have ever played in my entire life.

    1. @Fmotl Green i dont think it will, cause i think Rockstar actually thinks from a gamer’s perspective and what we want

  1. I find it kind of sad how after San Andreas it seems like more and more of the little details and clever AI actions were left out of the games in favour of some prettier graphics, along with how much of the edgy and childish humour has dropped out of the series.

    1. This. It felt like they decided that being shiny and pretty overtook the signature gameplay we’ve come to love.

  2. San andreas was such a vast gta game for it’s time
    Even now its overwhelming when you remember
    I would love a full remake with modern graphics

    1. Lmaoo I saw a comment that gta 5 is a remake of San Andreas which is the most stupidest thing I ever heard! We need a remake with updated graphics

    1. @Clockwork Man Nah It’s another no man’s sky situation the the trailers and developers themselves lied about what would be in the game


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