Google Stadia 2021 – Before You Buy

Google Stadia remains to be going so we determined to take a second have a look at Google's streaming platform. Right here we check out common enhancements, new content material, options, and extra.
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    1. ​@Kage 777 nah bro you it just takes a lot of time. I remember the times getting that speed and loading videos at 140p and 240p regularly. 480p is a luxury at that point.

  1. “…. I don’t have the greatest internet”
    Me having a 20mbps internet:”I’m sorry, is this some rich joke that I’m too poor to understand?”

    1. I live in Thermal CA and i can only have satellite internet where i live which is honestly the worst for playing games online…

    2. 20mbps is not that good i am getting 150mbps, i can watch 10 tabs of 4k videos on youtube without any buffering now that is a good internet and i pay 10 dollars , love my country specially Mukesh Ambani for amazing JIO

    1. @thestepback There’s many market forces against Stadia even if mostly inadvertently but I still expect it to win out over the long run and become very popular. Obvious they can upgrade hardware. C-band is coming. Probably the last gen of consoles. Gaming online is the future.

    2. @Zizka I don’t have to search for anything. I know that users report 60fps. But I also know how many users in Stadia subreddit cannot tell 30fps and 60fps apart. There is a Digital Foundry review of CP2077 and it’s not 60fps even on below than 1080p resolutions. But I was not even referring to CP77 in particular, it is better there than some other games. Most of Ubisoft ones are 30fps at lower resolutions than PS4 Pro. And no amount of optimisation can improve 4 year old hardware Stadia uses. Same goes for last gen consoles.

    3. @thestepback if you search on stadia Cyberpunk 2077 fps you can see many report 60fps in performance mode and that it’s really more about optimisation by any games devs.. in theory this should all continue to improve as more games are added and more work is done.

    4. @Foaad Hisham that’s going to change in the near future with new tec. “C-band” is coming for real. They just sold off trillions in dollars on frequencies.

    5. @Zizka hardware upgrade is yet to be seen. What can be observed today is many games are 30fps and quality not exceeding PS4 Pro. Not to mention stream compression which makes the quality comparatively worse.

    1. @Abdullah Ahmed Sheikh you are country is a community of morons which land their space craft in ocean and says they have found whale on surface of jupiter.

    2. @Kumar Tanay why are you giving people reason to hate Indian people? We are still not a rich country. Poverty is uncontrollable in India.

  2. I really appreciate you guys recovering this each year. Stadia is something I have been considering since release and may be viable for me in the future when working in many different locations.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I got it. I (used) to travel a lot in my work so it was great entertainment when I did. I still love it now and use it as my main platform.

  3. I got the free package for YouTube Premium subscribers (controller, Chromecast Ultra and 3 months of Pro) and yeah this is bonkers and I truly enjoy my time with it for free during the holidays (and newly announced lockdown).

    1. They gave you stuff worth hundreds of dollars/€ because you have a 15 $/€ subscription? Man tell me what to do!

    1. @J Fz I have 300mbps down and 30mbps up in my house – but my pc wifi only gets 100 down, 20 up. I play 4K on stadia just fine, and livestream at the same time without issue, meanwhile there will be at least 1 instance of netflix or other on demand service going on in my house at any time.

      But as others have said, Stadia is free, just buy games or sub to pro. Heck, Destiny 2 and Superbomber Man are completely free to play, no need to buy them or sub to pro. So no need to imagine anything, just go try it out for yourself.

    2. @ShadowKnight well, yes, is not the same, but as i mentioned, it does show that alot can happen that can affect your gaming experience, there you see a laptop and a smartphone and the smartphone is messing up stadia with just that speedtest and is just downloading

      imagine what will happen when someone on your house tries to upload files to internet

    3. @J Fz well youtube is not a good representation because youtube can do local caching while stadia can not do that to achieve a constant stream of 60 fps (game might not be but the stream is always)

    4. well, speedtest will not steal speed from stream services that much, i tried it while watching 4k content from youtube and saw very little impact in the video and in the test result

      if my eyes saw well, it gave like 100mbps, stadia takes like 20

      i understand the point of the test as that alot of things can mess up the gaming experience, is not a bulletproof experience, very far from it, is not a product for everybody

    1. Omg yes, The Crew 2 went free (for the next 180 days) on PS Now so I tried it on my PS4 Slim to see how it compared to Stadia. So much waiting! Waited like an hour to download 27 GB. Then load times were so painful when you’re used to Stadia’s load times. Definitely prefer playing this on Stadia.

    1. Oh damn! I had to go back and scope em out. I don’t blame him. Those bad boys are rollin out for 330 on StockX right now.

  4. Only locked to Google’s platform yeah cause that’s not true about literally every platform the exception being gog but not for all titles

    1. the point he’s making is that you’re only going to be able to stream it, compared to xbox’s mobile thing or playstation now, where you can also play it without strea ming.

  5. Stadia is a cool idea imo, i’m always in favor of trying to push innovation in gaming. I’m glad it’s getting better.

  6. It definitely works for me as I’m constantly moving from place to place for work. Carrying a phone/laptop with a controller and being able to play is much more convenient.

    1. @Presidential Kingdom official support is coming for that(soon apparently), and for now you can side load. It’s probably worth keeping the new one.

    2. If you guys are in doubt, get it. I highly recommend it. I’m gonna take some time to write my experiences in the comments before I sleep today. It’s been great.

    3. @Presidential Kingdom You can easily sideload the Stadia app and play like that. I prefer Chromecast with google TV because you can use usb c hubs and different controllers. With Chromecast Ultra it’s the stadia controller way or the highway.

    4. Same lol I took it out of my cart yesterday and bought Chromecast with Google tv instead. Might have to reconsider now


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