What Made Red Dead Redemption A BIG DEAL?

Red Dead Redemption (2010) was unimaginable. From story to gameplay, we need to discuss its affect.
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    1. @Blutige Tränen I think so too, i heard the song, but way later in the game when Willy Nelson’s song came on, i died and when i restarted the mission, his song didn’t come back on.

    2. That song gives me chills! A song about going far away from home just so you can save your home makes me get a rush in my chest and bones. 🌍

  1. I really appreciate the balls for pointing out how the combat in RDR 1 are better than RDR2; even though I know gamers hate to admit that an old game does something better than new game, maybe it’s a weird form of justifying their purchase or playtime. But RDR 2 aiming was absolute garbage, especially if you weren’t using slow mo. If your just free aiming, it is so catered to using auto aim and had this horrible weapon swaying for the sake of realism, for a Wild West game? The weakest aspect of Rockstar’s open world game has always been the shooting controls. They need to grow out of that auto aim garbage and adapt to a more “free aim” play style that’s comfortable for the player, RDR 1 and Max Payne 3 are the closest to this accomplishment.

    1. @Mexican Joker It’s actually very important to note that the ONLINE of RDR 2 made the aiming non wobbly for the exact criticism i’m pointing out, even Rockstar knows their aiming is a chore in Single Player. I don’t know why your getting angry and retorting to “get good man”; Yes, Free aim is absolutely playable on RDR2, however, but compared to RDR 1, it is a wobbly chore; like I’m playing darts in GTA IV; especially when your on horesback. The game was clearly made for Auto Aim, same with GTA V. RDR 1, GTA IV, and Max Payne 3 are much more playable for Free Aim and Auto Aim. It’s not a huge deal, I didn’t mean to create a goddamn war in the comments, lol.

    2. @Sly dude don’t you dare compare fortnite’s garbage auto-aim system to any other cause it’s trash that’s there to make console players better to the nth degree auto aim in that game is worse than it is in cod I’ll agree than rdr2s system for aiming on consoles leaves apt left to be desired but fortnite is actually way worse just my opinion can’t play it anymore cause people don’t even need skill to just lock onto someone

    3. well on pc it’s no problem especially in first person and even more so with iron sights aiming you just can’t beat a mouse even if the aiming was more responsive in the first one it can’t beat a mouse plus something most ppl don’t bother with is settings to reduce latency like you can disable v-sync and go in the nvidia control panel and set latency mode to ultra and it will be VERY responsive

    1. @Francisco Arias Luna they are a big company, listed on the stock exchange and so have received lots of investor money. Indie means independent developers, not related to a large company. The word indie is synonymous with independent. It has nothing to do with how many games you made.

    2. @LesserSphinx lmao what. I never had this complaint and never expected someone to complain about a gun menu ? What is wrong with it .. i find it perfectly fine

    1. @S B there is really no greater let down than going to correct someones englesh/grammer just to see someone else has already done it -_-

    1. @Vlad i’m just realizing that internet arguments is completely stupid and pointless, so i’m sorry for calling you childish before, let’s just agree to disagree

    2. @IKnowGunFu ” Childish” says the butthurted neckbeard who gets mad over a video game. I didn’t say anything bad to make you mad.

  2. I’m glad I played this game before getting a real job, getting married or having any other type of serious responsibilities. It allowed me to sink hours into the game and enjoy the heck out of it.

  3. No game character has hit me the way John did when he went down in the barn like that. Put my hand on my head and said “nah, can’t be”

    1. You are an excellent motivation for me to exercise. I mean, who wouldn’t want to exercise next to your flawless figure?

    1. @The Mad Titan he did not say that. Hear it again. He clearly said rdr2 had more realistic shooting but rdr1 was more fun. So shouldnt the shooting be more fun (if its not as realistic but close enough). Thats what “He” said. I agree to that. But i prefer Rdr2.


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