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An previous Nintendo/Xbox story is introduced again into the sunshine, the creator of Dishonored is making a brand new game, Nintendo's best is honored in a brand new e book, and extra in every week filled with gaming information.
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Jake on IGN?




Xbox’s try to purchase Nintendo

Extra Series X surprises?

New Crytek game

New Dishonored game

Superior PS5

The Medium gameplay:
Third particular person cyberpunk:
First particular person MK11:

Jake on IGN?

Monster Hunter Rise

Iwata Asks

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Comment (65)

    1. May we please have a Amazon Luna before you buy your the only way I know how to purchase items lmfao seriously though

  1. Remembering when it was just jake in the office at the beginning of covid ,it’s nice to hear Andrew commenting in the background

    1. @DAD LIFE give me factual evidence that covid is not real then I’ll believe you. Because there is a lot of factual evidence proving that it very much is real. People like you are delusional and endanger the public. You are probably also the type of guy to believe bill gates is going to microchip you in a vaccine.

    2. @DAD LIFE you live on Facebook conspiracy theories? I know many people who got covid in my life and it sucked for them.

    1. Titan A.E., Journey to Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Road to El Dorado, the Iron Giant. All lost gems. All grossly underrated.

    2. It’s nice to see someone elsa mention Titan A.E. because half the time I think I might have just been a fever dream I had when I was a child

    3. Oh really? I remember I use to love creed when they came out with their first album. But then my goths friends hated me because creed was a “christian” band :(. I still listen to them

  2. I would like to be in the meeting where the devs and the board are talking about making a new FIFA game

    Board: copy and paste
    Devs: copy and paste
    Players: copy and pay

  3. I wanna be a fly on the wall at the moment the devs of fallout 76 awaited to see first reactions to what they thought was a good game

    1. I had fun with it but then again I fully researched the game and knew exactly what I was buying I think most of the hate stems from people not doing any research and simply expecting it to be like the other fallouts and then bitched when it wasn’t

    2. @Bizness man that’s probably what happened. zenimax knew bethesda would be taking a long time to overhaul their engine and make starfield, so they half-assed an online Fallout game to make them some cash until them. at least that’s my guess. it certainly isn’t ideal to have to push out a game in under two years, so that was probably a higher level decision.

    3. I legitimately doubt the Devs thought it was good. I think they were probably dissaponted in the game, but they were likely forced to send it out early and full of bs Microtransactions, by the company’s financial backers


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