10 UNFORGIVINGLY HARD Bosses in Recent Games

2020 video video games had some strong boss battles, however these are those we discovered really essentially the most troublesome.
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Comment (55)

  1. “This little guy is tougher than a Godzilla sized dragon.”
    After Monster Hunter, I know better than to judge by size. That fucking monkey…

    1. I beat Ultra Nightmare DLC + base game and oh my fucking god… i died 2 separate times to samur after a ton of preparation.

    2. @whatisbow28 ah the game engine would still be running at the higher frame rate then. V sync would just lock the output to your monitor at 60 so the extra frames would be rendered but not displayed (as far as my understanding goes) . Console is hard capped at 60 regardless due to power limitations.

  2. Wouldn’t call my life a game, but my boss is really unforgiving… and honestly, losing in this game pushes you back a lot.

    1. I had a job where we complained about a boss and got him moved out of our team, only for the next boss to be even worse. Sigh.

    1. @Roh good luck bro. Don’t let your nerves get to you in the later levels. Make sure you practice on nightmare first, too.

    2. Bro! I beat main part on uv and in the dlc i bumped it to nightmare. It was a mistake, I stuck through but it took me 4 days to complete it xD
      Great expirience, now i try UN run in main game 😀

    1. She’s actually really easy with the right approach. After beating all the others I got her on the 2nd attempt, but leaving her as late as possible to get good gear helps a lot

  3. I personally didn’t like many of the games from this year, only actually enjoyed a handful of games, plus new gpus are impossible to get

    1. Ikr 3rd phase hades is a pain. Honestly I found thesius easier with extreme measures because he cant block when he is on his chariot.

    1. Dr. Kahl’s Robot was WAY worse for me. I’d rather fight Cala Maria, Rumor Honeybottoms, all of King Dice’s mini-bosses, King Dice himself, and the Devil all in the same sitting than fight Dr. Kahl’s Robot ever again.


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