Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game: 5 Things WE WANT

Indiana (*5*) is returning to the video game scene due to Bethesda, Todd Howard, and the builders behind Wolfenstein. It's nonetheless years away, however right here's what we'd wish to see.
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  1. Anyone else still playing “Indiana Jones & the Emperor’s Tomb”???!
    It’s been backwards compatible on Xbox for some time now.

    1. @Macyle I’m hoping for Anthony Ingruber, he played the Joker in the Telltale Batman game, played a younger version of Ford in a film a few years back and he has some YouTube videos where he has done impressions of Ford.

  2. “How can it be special? How can it feel different?”
    Beta testing it first before releasing would be nice.

  3. “saving artifacts”. YES. that’s whant Dr. Jones is all about. hopefully they’ll flesh out his backstory and personal life a bit more. for once I wouldn’t mind a slower first act maybe at his job at Marshall College

  4. I’m calling it right now, there will be a scene where Indie says “snakes, why did it have to be snakes?” or something very similar, a mine cart chase & a QTE fight on top of a tank that eventually falls off the edge of a cliff. 😉
    [ Everyone else, put your predictions down below … participation is always welcomed! ]

    1. @Ryan B every bethesda game is boring maybe except for doom eternal and evil within and maybe deathloop even tho after learning it is a bethesda game I’m extremely afraid

    2. @kobzster06 the thing is it will either copy tomb raider or uncharted . And tbh from unearthed to countless other adventure games , nearly all treasure hunting games coming out lately have been copying uncharted . That’s super ironic since many toxic and delusional haters were calling uncharted dude raider and then turning on tomb raider itself (the last games ) and calling them uncharted rip offs .
      Naughty dog made a masterpiece franchise that fully delivered the treasure hunting sim ,many fans wanted .

    1. Bathesda is great studio forget about the lastfallout or the last wolfenstain game Bethesda can do great games like skyrim or fallout ……

    2. @xFlaME Not sure about that. Skyrim isn’t as big of a deal people make it either, and all rpg fanatics know that very well. Yes they’re a good studio and can make decent AAA titles. Great? Ah hell no. And also, why should we forget their last games? Lol that really makes you sound like a fanboy saying “Oh no! Just forget about the last game they made! That has nothing to do with the company!”

    3. @Shreshta Jaiswal you are absolutely right , we cant forget the last games they did and how they fucked them up. for me that would be true before Microsoft acquisition. Now I look at them as a new company with big support from Microsoft. and I believe they can make great games. and if you say this game has nothing to do with Microsoft I would say untrue unless it releases before the acquisition is complete.

    4. @kionashi Well considering that even the last Wolfenstein game(Youngblood) was a letdown, Idk how they’re gonna do it, and also there are still gonna be quite a few Bethesda Dev’s cause they’re the publishers, etc

    1. @Ludwig Van Beethoven Nah, a perfect 10, on the Richter scale from everyone slamming their console in frustration to the numerous bugs!

  5. They’re gonna drop a trailer for it and we’ll just hear “COUNTRY ROAAAADDDD….” and then the trailer will just lag out and crash your PC.

    1. It’s not being devolped by bethesda games studio, it’s being devoleped by machine games which is owned by bethesda the publisher


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