Hitman 3: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Hitman 3 (PC, PS5, Series X, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia) is releasing quickly, so right here's the whole lot it’s essential know earlier than selecting it up.
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    1. @Darryl Smith what you mean? If you play pc you are almost forced. We cant buy any physical games where im from, is that different where you from? Would love physical games on pc. But then again id love steam to much, the achievements pop ups, the profile customisation, the steam events, the trading cards, the item collections, yeah steam is something different

    2. @Darryl Smith You can still get physical games here and there. But you just save so much money in the long run.

  1. To be connected to the older games this is going to be interesting I am a huge Hitman fan since the first one Hitman codename 47

    1. I don’t see the connection honestly, I mean I think the old saga is still there but doesn’t seem as important for the new games, there are some things that doesn’t fit imo, I think they remade the story or add more lore, to understand it better there’s a comic, the comic works like a prologue for the new hitman saga

    2. @littnuke this is reboot hitman trilogy.. Hitman as franchise had 5 games before this one and they are cult classic!!

    3. @littnuke total of 8 games with Hitman 3 being the eighth one I don’t know if you have like PC or a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One the only one you can’t play on consoles Hitman codename 47 but the rest you can play on console

  2. I love the hitman seiries I have every mission all the dlc’s ect I’m just addicted I play it over and over, I definitely recommend them and no matter what the price hitman 3 is worth it

    1. @steven the viking actually it doesn’t matter being a basketball player is my dream and becoming a NBA player is something beyond my dreams but my favorite team is Chicago Bulls

    2. @Christoph Vert I’ve heard of people switching to NZ region to get games sooner but no idea why you’d set it to US. Am i missing something? Is hitman 3 gonna be releasing in Usa first for some reason?

    3. No you don’t my friends just switch your console location if you buy the digital copy. Set it to the United States and your good to go

    1. @Simo As I said, technically he is from Romania, so it can be part of his nationality. The other four are taken from the “ICA File” teaser-thing for Absolution (with an additional two redacted). One could also add four more per his cloning donors. I would still argue that 47 doesn’t have a definite nationality, but I woudn’t say you’re wrong.

    2. You know him via 2 options only 1. as ICA or 2. his potential assassination target if he comes all gun blazing towards you!! I guess you will take option 1!!😂😂😂

    1. @josh they really dissapointed us huh? i just hope
      HOPE they will learn from it and wont do the same with The Witcher 4

    2. @How About a round of gwent? yeah man I’m not even mad about cyberpunk I’m honestly sad about it 😂 I waited for so long


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