RETURNAL “Combat” Trailer 4K (PS5 – 2021)

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RETURNAL Trailer "Combat" 4K (PS5 – 2021)
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Comment (22)

    1. There might be downgrades but I doubt it will be too significant. Hardware these days have drastically improved and graphics like this is definitely possible.

  1. Idk, female voice acting sounds more breathier than males. Like she just finished a night with POTUS and chiefs of staff.

  2. I think this is the first real next gen graphics, I believe that developers will use the PS5 hardware even more in the future and make games with more impressive graphics

  3. 1:15 A small unknown alien parasite that could be dangerous attaches to your arm, what do you do?

    A) Use your other arm to grab it and toss it
    B) Grab a stone or smash it with your weapon
    C) *Shake it off a little*


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