RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE New Trailer Teaser (2021) PS5, Xbox Series X

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RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE New Trailer Teaser (2021) PS5, Xbox Series X, RE, RE8
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  1. Creepy village, zombies, a big castle and what looks to be a vampire ruling over all of it? Better get one of the Belmonts

  2. Ok in canon how many different viruses does the Resident Evil world has ?? Like at this point im shocked that humanity has not been destroyed

    1. @Gabberman9000 Films yeah that dude is a clown. Re8 isnt even out yet and he is using presales to validate his generalization

    2. @Dominic dominic Thats not saying much because people that buy new copies sell sometimes sell their copies after the first playtrough and people that buy those used copies will get a new copy for the next game, making the sale numbers of the next entry bigger. Look at the Saw movies. Saw 1 only made $104 million at the box office. The sequel made $147 million and the 3rd movie made $165 million. It’s pretty obvious that the people that watched Saw 2 and 3 in theaters are the same as the ones that watched the first one. People that didn’t watched the first Saw in theater still have seen it on TV, some streamings site or they bought the DVD.

  3. Instead of something like “Oh the Varus made chris evil.” It should be something like an older and aging Chris aware of the fact he is getting older isn’t willing to risk any more BoW threats so he is going around stopping even the slightest chance of that happening no matter what

  4. I’m just wondering, is it even possible for someone to have a normal life in the Resident Evil Universe at this point?

  5. You know what’s funny. I didn’t even know they were making a new resident evil I just wanted to look it up and I see this. 🤯🤯


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