Top 10 NEW RPGs of 2021

In 2021 we'll see tons of RPGS, from action-oriented to Japanese fashion and all the pieces in between. Right here's what we're wanting ahead to essentially the most.
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10 Darkish Alliance
Platform: PC, consoles
Launch Date: 2021

9 Biomutant
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Launch Date: 2021

8 Gotham Knights
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX
Launch Date: 2021

7 Outriders
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX/S April 1, 2021 
Launch Date: Stadia 2021

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX
Launch Date: 2021

5 Monster Hunter Rise
Platform: Switch
Launch Date:  March 26, 2021

4 Starfield
Platform: TBA
Launch Date: TBA

3 Dying Gentle 2
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX
Launch Date:  2021

2 Horizon Forbidden West
Platform: PS4, PS5
Launch Date: Q3/This fall 2021

1 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX One, PS5, XSX
Launch Date: 2021

Nier: Replicant ver. 1.22474487139…
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360 April 27, 2010
Launch Date: PC, PS4, Xbox One April 23, 2021

Bravely Default 2
Platform: Switch
Launch Date:  February 26, 2021

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Comment (61)

  1. Me in 2060: “Elden Ring is gonna be a cool game.”
    My grandkids: “Lol, ok grandpa. Time for your meds.”

    1. @Soham Sengupta oh ok, you could be right. Either way thats still not enough of a gap between games to start getting worried.

    2. @Bet Nimrod No it’s not, it’s YOUR OPINION which hasn’t affected or hindered the genre’s reputation not even by a nanometer

  2. Could you start doing some sort of “Top Indie games of the month” or “Top AA games of the year” or simply “Top smaller than AAA games of the month” videos or something? This channel seems very versatile in content so I wish you could help the smaller than AAA guys get some publicity as well.

    1. If there’s a gap in the “market” so-to-say, you have an opportunity to fill it, Vili Evans.
      Take the metaphorical bull by the horns, Vili Evans.

    1. This is has been tricky for like, 15-20 years or so for me.

      When I was a kid, if your game had Hit Points, Stats and it was turn based, it was an RPG. If your game had a health bar, it was an action game.

      Now, every game has everything. It’s pretty great.

  3. I HIGHLY doubt Elden Ring comes out this year. This is George R.R. Martin we’re talking about here. He’s slower than a snail in molasses.

    1. I agree with the OG response. I’m on night mode on my lowest setting and I definitely got blinded. If they even considered a different colour for the background that would do wonders!

    1. @Königstiger exactly, the only thing we got was a trailer but nothing since then nothing official at least just rumors and “leaks”.

    2. @Daily dose of meme’s it is joke in the souls community because there’s been nothing but radio silence since the game announcement

    1. Why do I feel like I played the demo like… 30 years ago?
      Seriously, though. I really enjoyed the original Bravely Default, and it’s the first JRPG that I’ve actually finished!
      So, I’d be happy to do that again, both with this series and this genre.

    1. Well, it looks like he’s played every game ever and to do that you don’t have time to actually live your life lol. He’s prolly mostly inside playing games allday. Of course this will make you tired and depressed

  4. “I don’t know how you could go wrong with this, it seems like a stretch to imply it could go bad.” – Hey remember that game Cyberpunk 2077?

    1. Because consumers hated on CDPR severely when the game was delayed because they KNEW it wasn’t ready. I get that CDPR have stated certain “release” dates multiple times, but the pandemic really screwed the entertainment industry as a whole.
      If they had released it maybe later this year, they would’ve had more time to properly iron out all the bugs


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