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PS5 game launch home windows

Cyberpunk Apologizes

Ubisoft Star Wars game

Indiana Jones

Harry Potter delay

Riders Republic delayed

Returnal gameplay trailer

Mario 3D World/Bowser’s Fury

Scott Pilgrim

Pokemon Snap launch date trailer

MK film photos

RE8 (Large Girl)

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Comment (64)

  1. When was the last time I got the date wrong? lol anyways, very nice to see LucasArts return as LucasFilm games. Potentially exciting, especially for gamers who remember their old works. As we said in the video – if you could have any game studio/creator make a Star Wars game, what would it be? let us know!

    1. I would want a star wars game made by rockstar as they always make the best open world games and it would be fun to go to all the different planets and see where the movies were filmed in game

    2. Not ubisoft 😬👎
      Idk 🤔 rockstar games maybe
      Capcom but they dont make open world games oh no dragons dogma was a open world
      Yeah i think they could make a good star wars game

  2. Literally everyone: “Make a KOTOR sequel and we will throw lots of money at you.”

    EA for like 10 years: “lololol”

    1. I’m happy they didn’t. They couldn’t even handle Mass Effect- imagine how bad KOTOR 3 would have been.

      Better let another studio handle it. Obsidian would be a good choice.

    2. yeah the fighting system wasnt always that good. i never played fallen order. basiclly because its an EA game. xD but the story in kotor was freakin amazin 😀

    3. @wtfisjuice I played KOTOR, but I hated the fighting system. It isn’t just up to date anymore. So I’d be glad to have the fallen order system

    4. @Kein Name if you are asking for the KOTOR remake to have fallen order combat you haven’t played kotor and you are a casual. Just the way it is

    1. @Slavic Union imagine if fromsoftware made a star wars game it would be amazing but square enix is good too

    2. We all know that a butt old run down franchise isn’t going to get better just because it’s not with ea anymore

    1. I think IF they’ll make a new game set in the Old Republic it will be a reboot of some kind, considering how the Old Republic is basically non-existent in the new canon.

    2. Rather not. Devs aren’t going to make a tactical RPG, they’ll make a hack n slash for the casuals who think the combat of KOTOR is confusing

    3. And what would the story be? Gonna forget who you are again? Already done twice. I’m fine with a 3rd game but it’s going to need to be different.

    1. @Jonathan Heuvelman revanchists were renegade jedi during the old republic that fought during mandalorian wars and guy called revan was their leader

  3. Jake: “Isn’t that ridiculous?”

    Andrew: “What?”

    Me: Andrew is my spirit animal 😂😂😂

    1. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Gary the Unwise? Not a story EA likes to tell. He was so enraptured with MTX he gained power over his own bankruptcy.

    1. Then we would get another awesome star wars game as xbox exclusive. Microsoft should consider that if that can happen

  4. I want a Star Wars game that tells the story of a Bounty Hunter, open world kinda like the cancelled Prey

    1. @Dante Christ a mix between destiny and assassins creed but a assassin who does not need to support the Templar’s or the brotherhood

    2. Yeah like a mercenary storyline where you get to interact as a neutral party in the fight between the jedi and sith


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