10 Recent MICROTRANSACTIONS Nobody Asked For

Generally we simply have to take a minute to complain. Listed below are some examples of microtransactions in 2020 video games.
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    1. @Mark Cronqvist to some extent I do agree with you.
      I just want to say that one DLC is not the other DLC.
      The money you spend on a DLC must be worth the DLC.
      Giving an example. (I personally thought) I don’t remember the price. But the DLC of the last of us part one left behind.
      I found it expensive in terms of price quality Ratio. How long the Gameplay lasted and what i could do in that DLC compared to what I had to pay for it.
      I understand that a DLC is usually an addition to the main story. And that it is rarely or never longer than the main story. But I still want value for my money.
      Precisely because it is not something cosmetic and it usually adds something of value to the Gameplay.

    2. You know micro transactions are a bigger money maker than the actual game? If people didn’t pay you wouldn’t have this

    1. @that weird kid They didn’t give it to anyone. EA’s exclusive contract doesn’t renew in 2023, which means Star Wars goes back to being open market, which means ANY game company can partner with Lucasfilm to make a Star Wars game. Ubisoft just so happens to be one of the first contenders to make a game that doesn’t have any affiliation with EA.

    1. @Halfbeard Jones u see with that kind of mentality not only do we get games like fallout 76 where they are trash at first and need fixing later but we also get trashy microtransactions that spreads to other games. So yeah u can say well don’t buy the game but it’s sort of hard to do that when every game has it

    2. @Halfbeard Jones DLC maps completely split the playerbase and that damages the game. If you’re in a lobby playing matches and a map comes into rotation that you don’t have, guess what, you have to vote for another because you can’t play it if it gets selected. This causes several things to happen, 1. The players in the lobby dwindle because they don’t have the map pack, 2. You might get to play the map, but with significantly less people, and 3. If you did buy it, you hardly get to play it because most people likely haven’t purchased it so you end up paying for something you hardly get to use. This is why they created lobbies for new expansion packs to circumvent this and even then nowadays when you wanna revist old games, good luck finding a match on anything other than what’s in the base game.

      Again with the “It doesn’t affect me, so who cares” response. I swear it’s like talking to a brick wall, people like you are nothing more than a lost cause. There is no reasoning with you, self-centered and self-serving till the end. Ignorance is bliss I guess 🙄

    3. @Halfbeard Jones when you let them get away with things, you only give them way to make new standards, next thing you know they’ll all become idle games and just pay money to progress

    4. “Okay so we sold 20 million copies? The rate is slowing down, it’s not selling that much now, okay add microtransactions”

    5. Well then don’t buy the damn game if you’re that butt hurt. No one is forcing you to buy the game let alone the micro transactions.

    1. Or you actually play the damn game to unlock more secret content. Thanks to wireless connectivity they can do this to us.

    1. Not joking. The higher models of BMW has modes where you can select how you want the car to brake. Imagine having to pay for being able to stop the fastest in an emergency. 🙁

    2. Trust me dealerships are just as bad. If you dont know what maintenance you actually need they give tons of pointless crap.

  1. Baldino: “And next on the list-”

    Youtube: *plays an ad for youtube premium*

    Yeah, that’s another good one no one asked for.

    1. @C 89 I’d assume most smartphone makers have their own music app. All my stuff is on Samsung music, not that I ever listen to any of it but it’s there just in case. Don’t think I ever used Google play music, so I had no reason to worry about them getting rid of it.

    1. @logoslive ikr, it is pretty dumb, although in Destiny 2 they call it a season pass but you get access to the seasonal content along with the battle pass so at least that makes sense then

    2. I’ve had to Google wtf a Battle Pass is multiple times because it’s just so ridiculous. Just call it a subscription and be done with it. Fucking deviants.

    3. For f2p games like dauntless battle pass as long as it stays a good price is basically just an optional subscription to the game to support the devs.

    4. @Book Worm76 yeah, this season has been probably the worst so far for content (outside of CoO), but tbh pvp isn’t too bad, I don’t mind the stasis classes too much apart from shatterdive, but just the fact that they barely added any content to gambit and pvp is depressing, they removed all the good strikes and added one ok at best strike and “remastered” a good strike and made it bad

    1. Can also be applied to Activision players. OmG another CoD game YeS. It sucks that those kind of players are the reason why companies just keep shelling out the same stuff and add more micro transactions.

    1. It reminded me of Wizard101. It is already pay-to-play mostly, and in it the PAID customization options (hair style / color, eye colors, etc) look better than the free ones, which you can only choose at the start. The paid hair styles are basically wigs. You can choose the color, but to change it again you have to buy a NEW wig with real money.

      I often stitch wigs (put a gear’s stats on another gear), and for that you need to pay. If you want a new look, you have to pay to UNstitch the wig first (split the two gear pieces back), or else you will lose the wig you bought.

      Technically not FORCING you to pay more, but the loopholes will get you cornered if you regret your decisions.

  2. “EA earns nearly $1billion through micro transactions…”
    There’s no way they’re gonna stop if that’s the case.

    1. It’s even amazing that it’s mostly just sports games, cause they basically fucked up every other IP with those shitty system.

    2. Its amazing. I was die hard fifa fan. Bought every fifa since fifa 98. This years fifa is the first i didnt buy. Last year i calculated i would need to spend around 12.000€ to buy ONE card i really wanted. One. Card.


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