10 Easter Eggs That Took YEARS To Discover [Part 2]

Right here's a follow-up video with much more secrets and techniques and Easter eggs in video games that have been hidden for YEARS.
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Comment (57)

  1. If an Easter egg takes years to discover in this day and age, the developers have my respect for hiding it so deeply or in plain sight.

  2. The first Easter egg was found when the TLOU first released. There’s actually been a few posts on Reddit over the years, it just seems like the posts never got that much attention.

    1. The dev said on twitter that it’s a bug and was not intended to be there. Don’t think that counts as an easter egg based on that.

    2. Not to mention in that very video people comment below saying it’s a known easter egg. But hey whatever atleast Anthony is getting recognition! 😳💯

    1. @Krandle 47 I don’t get it. Did they delete a comment or something saying they were 25? They also said “A friend of mine said” so I don’t think they were lying. Unless fire boy deleted their comments or something

  3. I’m really convinced by now Falcon is just a persona all the other guys are taking on. Someone different every day.

  4. 9 ain’t an easter egg. Its just a cheeky way to work around the engine’s limitations, it wasn’t something that the devs put in the game as easter egg or hidden cheat.

    1. @ThaSlymes dude why is father a simp he was enjoying so much seeing her wife passed around so much, God never have I ever seen someone this pathetic

    2. The only parties Monty gets invited to are the ones where he gets passed around like a dog toy and buries his face in a pillow to muffle his own screams.

  5. It’s so fascinating how people even find these out. Like how tf did someone discover the NieR Automata Easter Egg

    1. he was going through the code in a hex editor and found some random text that set him on the trail, he put a video on youtube how he found it just do a search

  6. I love how there’s mostly always 1 Easter egg that’s on these lists that I’ve found but never realised that others didn’t know about it. 😂

  7. That ant easter egg has been known about for several months with appearances on Reddit going back (guess what) 7 years.

    It’s only really getting attention because Anthony Caliber brought it to the attention to the more mainstream audiences of The Last of Us.

  8. Everyone at gameranx: What are we using for the thumbnail guys?

    Everyone: No idea

    Falcon: Joel holding an evil pink egg in a sleeper hold.

  9. Hey Falcon, you sound a little ill, just want to say thank you for bringing these videos out so frequently! If you are under the weather, get well soon!


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