10 Games That Failed and Became GREAT

Some video games disappoint conceptually, financially, or in any other case…and rise as much as grow to be fairly nice. Listed below are some examples of video games with issues that bounced again.
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  1. battlefront 2 is genuinely the definition of a comeback story, because now the game is perhaps my favorite competitive game out there and the best multiplayer star wars game in a while. Its genuinely a blast to play and doesn’t have the micros or shitty progression system to bog down the solid star wars gameplay. I really hope people who still dismiss it due to its condition at launch give it another chance because it honestly deserves it. Here’s hoping if they do a battlefront 3 they continue with the lessons they’ve learned, and maybe finally give us galactic conquest like we’ve been begging them to.

    1. @Thomas Dascombe Yep! Like its outdated, old game with old mechanics. I get nostalgia is toxic to human brains but those OG battlefront II geeks thinking that people would abandon a new modern photorealistic looking Star Wars game with an actually nice hero combat system, authentic sounds (voice lines are sooo much better in DICE’s battlefront II and heroes and villains sound so much better) and audiovisual experience just because the old game FEELS so much better to them. Like they should just move on at this point.

    2. @Mighty Morphin98 its shitty. The hero combat is clunky, graphics are outdated, people want to play modern games not ancient 30hz locked shitshows.

    3. The game ain’t a competitive game it’s as casual as it gets. Nothing wrong with that I love running around with obi wan and bobs fett but it ain’t a competitive shooter.

    4. Couldn’t agree more. I heard the launch was terrible and had missed it. Got into recently and I have put more time into it in terms of multiplayer play time than I did into any all multiplayer games in 2020 combined. It’s absolutely fantastic. Elitists who look down on it from the OG are absolutely kidding themselves and smoking nostalgia crack.

  2. Im high, but i have an idea: make an “after you buy” for games that start bad, but get better after a while like these. So people know and give them a second chance

    1. Worse, the lies that to this day haven’t been addressed or met in the game! We never got an apology, or a statement. We never got what they promised. Sure it’s improved, but I’m not sure why everyone is so willing to just pretend that it never happened and just decide it isn’t a problem any more just because it’s improved from launch to remain something less than what they said it would be.

    2. Exactly! Thank you!
      The hype train was based due to all the lies the company fed their customers. Which resulted in a huge lawsuit against the company.

  3. These games pulled the old switcharoo in the opposite direction:”You either die a villain, or you live long enough to see yourself become the hero.”

    1. bruh I really hope people still don’t hate the developers for releasing the game incomplete.

    2. I love No Man’s Sky, pretty fond of Fallout 76 also. I don’t have a PS4 anymore and I can’t get a PS5 so I can’t play any of my games now.

    1. @Burai Ch. Show me a video that promised a GTA game. The game is based on a pen and paper RPG. GTA has zero traditional RPG elements.

    1. @Sergio G. Gutiérrez With all the praise it gets I definitely need to try it again. I enjoyed it when it first came out but it just felt like there wasn’t much to it at all. I’ve got a lot of games to get around to but I’ll definitely be playing it this year at some point.

    2. @tiggs

      Same grind fest, with extra fluff to make it look better.
      Unit collection until Godly rich.
      Explore the world, until you learn every language and race.

      The end.

    3. @tiggs Might be a grindfest in the beggining, but that grindfest is part of the core game, and if you ask me, its hella fun. If you are genuinely interested in the game then take a look at all the updates Hello Games have made in 2020. Amazing stuff, all of it.

    1. @Nathan Taylor I’ve still a sour taste in my mouth, grind for the best ship just to get transported to another galaxy I never really explored the first time cause on launch it was a race to the centre. I’d play it again if they actually made the center something worthwhile to work towards

    2. I bought the game day one and was super dissapointed. Started again a few weeks ago after having not played in over 2 years. Im blown away. Its incredible. Im hooked. Over 60 hours in now

    3. @Ya boy CJM there was no building day one. Doing all that was great fun all while chasing the light of the center in the galactic map getting one step closer to that final moment, even though we didn’t know what was going to happen just yet. It was the objective of the game and still is if I’m not mistaken. Hundreds of hours just to start it over and over again 256 times before you get back to the original galaxy. Slight slap in the face in the scheme of things. 6 years later kind of sad they haven’t done anything with the centre yet. They’ve done a great job making filler and tried giving purpose with the atlas storyline but it still missed for me personally.

    4. @Joe Kickass reaching the center isn’t really the reason anyone plays the game tho, building and exploration is much more rewarding

    1. I didn’t realize it wasn’t received well at the beginning, I didn’t start playing until like 2018

    2. Siege didn’t fail, Battlefront 2 and No Man’s Sky failed. Siege was just a decent game at best, became something great

    1. It’s harder to monetize that kind of coop game. It’s gotta be an open ended, “live service”, that gets the whales hooked with daily quests. When it becomes a habit and you have to log in every single day, people are much more likely to spend more money on the game. They intentionally made the game less fun and more grindy to encourage skinnerbox addiction and player spending.

    2. Was thinking of trying out fallout 76… but then pvp. Lmao i want to enjoy a story game not get fucked with constantly. What a shame they didnt give the option of non pvp story mode.

  4. I had to grind my way to unlocking all the characters in Battlefront 2 and then like a few weeks later they unlocked them for everyone lmao

  5. Could you make a video about all the games that we HOPE come back better, like Anthem and Cyberpunk 2077?

    1. @Bones Getting to lvl 50, doing the many endings, doing the important side quests, Doing some unimportant side quest for achievement, restarting the game all over again but choosing a different past (Nomad, Street kid, Corpo). I havent even done Corpo yet. got lvl 50 in my 2 playthroughs so i did all the side quests 2 times (leveling up was more entertaining that way). Might also have spent a total of 3 minutes with hookers too but, that doesnt really matter XD

    2. @john wrath Rational. I have 50hrs in, although it still doesn’t change the fact that they lied/misled consumers. Oh, don’t get me started about the base console business. I think I won’t be expecting them to deliver the game they advertised in their old trailers anymore, it’s what it is.

    3. @StabStabStabStabby it was 8yrs hype but if you didn’t know it was only 4 and half years of game development

  6. I want to be able to 6 months from now be like “Remember when the police used to spawn out of nowhere and didn’t chase you in cyberpunk?” 😂

    1. That game has so much wrong with it they’d be better off creating a new cyberpunk game… It trash to the core.

    2. Doubt it. Right now, it’s all about performance, stability, and bugs. If they ever overhaul game systems, it will be a year from now at least.

    3. 6 months is too short tbh. Their first priority is making the game stable and properly playable on old consoles then, fix all the bugs, glitches and crashes on all systems. They also promised to give out free dlcs in early 2021 and there’s also the next-gen upgrade for consoles to come later this year. Police AI, Physics, NPCs are all things CDPR will get to work on after they’ve fixed all the above mentioned things since even in the apology video they only mentioned about fixing the bugs and glitches and not core issues like police AI, npcs or physics so I’m very sceptical about any game overhaul changes coming this year at all tbh… Let’s hope for the best though🤞

    1. how? people did had hopes for this game and EA failed miserably. The most underrated would be titanfall 2

    1. hero doesnt start by lying. This company was full of crap from the start and only made the comeback to save their reputation but tbh they cannot be taken seriously ever again

    2. @David Gorsage Buying a product that was promised to do this but didnt, throwing away your hard earned money for a sham. It is just a game but it’s 60 dollars

  7. Assassin’s creed unity should be in the list . There are so many people who are calling unity the last traditional assassin’s creed game along with a praise for game’s combat and parkour system

    1. @Devon Tookes not the best, just reminding, there’s still the bug and all that but good, origin? For me *personally* i like it the most, best open world ac game, i mean, at least he *is* an assassin, the first atleast (until ubisoft goes to the caveman that is), not some viking or spartan, it’s not really a problem if they just change it that they join the spartan or viking, no, they just born as it (i digress, atleast valhalla has it’s story to back it up


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