15 Games That ROAST You For Playing Badly

Some video video games will taunt and insult you for enjoying poorly or dropping. Listed here are some hilarious examples.
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    1. @Only Here To Troll idk about that mate.. he does pronounce things wrong sometimes but he’s entertaining. Probably one of my favourite blokes on this channel imo.

    2. I thought maybe I had misheard & skipped back but yep definitely ‘perfects’. Falcon my respect for you dropped just a smidgen with that one. ^.^

  1. I was so surprised when my 8 year old brother beat the Hell House on his 1st try, I was also deeply disappointed with myself

  2. Everybody on here talking about the “perfect” mispronunciation and no one talking about the “Ys”. Shame. Absolute shame.

  3. The best ending is game dev tycoon! When you lose, you’re literally bought by EA, they ruin all your IP and then shut your studio down

  4. The Deadpool game where you had to sneak up on the enemy. I kept dying so much that Deadpool broke the fourth wall and told me he’d do it himself and went on to finish that sequence of the mission.


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