5 Worst Graphics Downgrades From Trailer To Release [Part 2]

Some video video games don't fairly stay as much as the expectations set once they have been first revealed. Right here's one other video detailing some graphical disappointments.
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    1. I feel it isn’t the greatest feeling when basically everyone in the USA is conditioned to not expect their fast food to look anywhere near as good as the ads. But when your main work force is minimum wage teenagers who don’t wanna be there for anything, that happens. 🤷‍♂️

  1. Basically sums up to: Gaming companies realized gamers know what cinematic cutscenes in trailer are SOOO they started making trailers that look like gameplay

    1. Unfortunately what u say is true. But also we as gamers have to take some responsibility because we’re the ones that still accept what they do by buying their games. I know it would be a massive thing to do but for us to stop being sold a lie we ALL need to come together and stop buying the games that are made by the people who deceive us. Same goes for all the games with unnecessary microtransactions.

    1. @BosoxPatsfan 83 Why? Its true. The government doesn’t like you. And they’ve shown what they will do if you oppose them. Be complacent all you want but you’re not helping anything youre just making it worse. Thinking the government is the good guy. Give me a fucking break

    1. @Saturday Morning Gaming I was trying to say that the employees shouldn’t be blamed. It’s the execs and investors who should be blamed.

    2. Yeah ofc, boards that run multi milion corporations haven’t thought about the most basic concept. For SURE that’s what happened ;]

  2. You guys could make a video on games that look better at release than they did on announcement, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3

  3. I like how you mentioned games from part 1 without having people to “check out this video if you missed it” in favor of saving our time instead of wasting them, just so you can maximize view counts on your other video. Respect.

    1. @red fang He literally just explained it in the post. Try reading. I think/hope you learned that when you were taught writing as well. They go hand in hand, usually.

    1. Trailers are designed to be heavily edited to become the main selling point and to hype the game up, just like movies. And just like movies, if you compare trailers to actual release, you’ll find poor representation. Gameplay reveals or whatever you want to call them are supposed to represent what the game will actually look like. Yeah most likely from the biggest, baddest console/PC that exists in order to max ultra the settings, but still supposed to be an accurate representation.

    1. No, because that golden era you remember never happened. It mostly exists in nostalgia addled minds and people talking of a time when they were still in diapers if at all.
      See, back when internet wasn’t yet a thing, gaming media existed only in printed form and games came in cartridges it was way worse than today.
      Reason number one is that printed magazines came only once a month and had to be sent finished to the printers at least a week or so before being put on store shelves.
      Reason number two is that it took anywhere from two weeks to a full month for a finished game to be mass produced in cartridge form.
      The end result was that magazines were always reviewing beta versions, at best, of games and passing it off as finished code.
      And guess what? If a title had a game breaking glitches or was simply nothing like it promised on the box or review there was no way of fixing it, it stayed that way forever.

    2. @Stinkyremy you’re a pure joker😂.. so if i played the game that will make the graphics better for me or something?? And yeah I’ve played it and it’s doesn’t look better than those games.. every game in ps4 era had some dips when weather effects came in.. I’m sure they could’ve dipped the resolution and a little downgrade would’ve made trh game playable but it wasn’t just worth it..

    3. @Aditya Singh have you played mad max? it is a visually impressive game, no way could that gen handle it, even the PS4 has framerate issues especially in the storms.
      Top tier game for what it is, generic open world type of game, play it if you haven’t already.

    4. @Illian Ciende No they developed CP2077 for PS4/Xbone, they were developing it before PS5/XSX was even announced, before they even had a dev kit!
      Thing is with CDPR they are PC devs, they made it for PC then tried to port to console, which it the complete opposite of what R* does.
      If the primary hardware was PS4 they would have been able to easily optimize it then upscale it for next gen and PC, but they did the opposite.
      Look how pretty a game can be if optimized for the console, god of war, last of us for eg

    5. @Charles Davis they could handle the graphics.. if a game like gta5 and arkham city, saints row 3 can work on that hardware then I’m sure that mad max can also work.. the thing is about optimization which totally depends on devs.. if they put on more resources then for sure it could’ve been on ps3 too.. and actually at that time ps4s and xbox one was sold tremendously, not like now where only scalpers have the consoles, that’s why i think cdpr also didn’t ditch ps4/xsx because no one has them now.. you t would’ve affected the sales and they even started pre orders.. that’s why we should never judge a company by only one game

  4. I can still remember how badly I wanted to play Anthem because of how cool the trailer looked. They had a free demo launch 3 weeks before the game. It was pretty awful. I didn’t end up buying the game at release and feel bad for anyone who did.

    1. Same here, I loved the idea of the game and the presentation sold me, but I forgot my crucial gaming lessons do not believe in any trailer given for a game, the second is don’t fall for or support microtransactions.

    2. Dude, I was so happy about that open beta prior to the game release. I was also really excited about Anthem and then after playing the open betas I decided there was no way I was spending money on it. It’s shocking to think that CDPR was less open and transparent than EA!

    1. @Tommy SuhLami also the single player experience is trash compared to mw 2019. I beat both on the hardest difficulty and Cold War doesn’t hold a candle to mw and that’s bs

    2. @Tommy SuhLami what? The one map? That got old the first two weeks. Now we’re in months without a new map. Another waster 60$ purchase. Actually 70$ because I bought the multi platform version.

  5. i rarely buy games day 1 now, i wait months, years until game is patched & “complete” edition.
    Too many publishers & some dev’s take us for fools !

  6. Devs just need to release a game when it is done, and they can’t make the release date so early, better late than never.

    1. I’m still confused as to how a game that was 5 years in the making (Cyberpunk) is such a buggy mess. The Villains of the videogame world (EA) can pump out a “competent” game on a yearly basis.


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