A doable next-gen GTA technological development, Resident Evil Village will get a demo and new gameplay particulars, Xbox Stay Gold costs set to rise, and extra in every week FULL of gaming information.
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New GTA tech:

Resident Evil newsnew RE8 trailer:
some gameplay:
PS5 demo ‘Maiden’

Valve making video games once more

Xbox Stay Gold

Cyberpunk pretend demo response


Destruction AllStars:

New Spotlight Reel:

Everspace 2 early entry launch trailer:
Hitman 3 launch trailer:
Atomic Coronary heart:

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Comment (74)

    1. @Yafet Kibrom HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      GTA Online has been out for 8 years and theres STILL cargo sale script glitches, Unbalanced combat. Malicious borderline psychotic modders, & ridiculous prices on long obsolete and old vehicles with prices that made sense WHEN THEY RELEASED. Its 2021 the weaponised Tampa for as outclassed as it currently is should not cost 1 5 million plus upgrades. It should be half that permanently alongside all the old supercars & older weaponised vehicles.

    2. Ahh man. I forgot about those games. One of my favorites growing up and would LOVE to see it come back

  1. You’re not the only one, Jake. I also LIVE for “Singleplayer” game experiences and that’s something that will NEVER change for me! :]

  2. Thanks as always for watching. Hope you have a good weekend!
    *IMPORTANT UPDATE* after the uproar, Microsoft and Xbox have walked back the new Xbox Live Gold pricing. It will stay the same for now…

    1. I still can’t believe they actually considered doubling the cost to play online while so many are home on reduced pay and/or unemployment 🤦

    1. I’m from the year 3122…you have no idea how much you underestimated rockstar…I’m playing the new gta V remake

    1. @ThankGodIHateKPoP That’s not Rockstar, that’s a game being funded by Lezlie Benzies (an ex-Rockstar member) with a team apart from Rockstar games.

    1. @faizontheradio2 Half life is not popular worldwide like GTA still the western audience would lose their mind but other territories will celebrate the gta 6 like there’s no tomorrow

    1. @Doge Enthusiast you’re a fool only the mission structure is linear
      If you watch a video that blames RDR2’S linearity atleast watch those videos fully for goodness sake

    2. @Meshach Matters that’s literally what i just said, the mission design is outdated and linear, unlike you i actually hold rockstar to a much higher standard because they used to be much better at mission design, now they are complacent and have become lazy, i’m not saying gta v and rdr2 are bad games by any means but they are flawed

    1. You can’t get more advanced than teleportation police work. Rockstar has already lost to CD project red.

  3. Yeah when gta 6 comes out I’m gonna buy it with the money I got from selling my cyberpunk physical copy😑

    1. As long as there are no tanks in the streets and none year old’s on flying bikes I’ll be in love

  4. In the “were sponered by nothing” he didn’t even ask for subs or membership. He just thanked us. What a guy

    1. I’m with you in the sentiment. Along a similar line of thought, (it’s probably an unpopular opinion but) I always enjoy the videos with falcon more due to the fact that falcon doesn’t do this and doesn’t talk in front of the camera 😬

    1. I think gta 5s story was completely changed because why would he say that in the first trailer because in the story today he had to move there because he was under witness protection

  5. Rockstar always has to take that extra jump to make sure they kick everyone’s chance of a competitor. Dude gta 6 is gonna rock the internet

  6. I remember being so confused when my friends wouldn’t play online for a few days bc their parents were waiting for payday to buy more gold. I always wondered why they didn’t use ps3s. Just sign in and play. Then PS4 changed all that.

    1. Lol PS3, it lost in every aspect to the far superior 360 that’s why (also the original Xbox literally invented online console gaming). I don’t know how Microsoft screwed up so bad on exclusives with Xbone and SeriesX though… Exclusives sell consoles, it’s just a fact.

    2. @Illian Ciende Personally a game is a game and I don’t think anything is superior. I’m just in it for the chuckles


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