Hitman 3 – Before You Buy

Hitman 3 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox, Stadia, Switch) is IO Interactive's newest murderer simulation in a trilogy. How is it? Let's dive in.
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Comment (88)

    1. @Alex Thompson agreed, these new ones are terrible. The gunplay is awful, combat is a joke, no dual pistol, and very few levels to play.

    1. @ye_oleMilkMan your progress won’t save, you don’t get a score, you can’t unlock stuff and you can’t do mastery

    2. @D Vez You clearly haven’t played enough Hitman games if you think that’s the clunkiest. Blood Money was peak Hitman

  1. Even though just about everyone knows about Hitman, not a whole lot of people actually play the games. Grossly underrated!

    1. Qualios I’m with you on that! Hitman is my favorite series of video games! I haven’t played a single one that I didnt love.

    1. @Sad Drift Boy 木 well if u didn’t enjoy it, oh well. What ur saying is all opinion. The game is actually fun, to me, and to a lot of others. So I don’t know what to tell you

    2. @2kaySavage yeah and now hitman 1, 2 are completely pointless to go back and play because you just get all those maps on this recycled game and all the mechanics and components are completely the same. Not to mention if you dont have hitman 1 and 2 and want to just buy the older maps for 3 its only 30 dollars so people definitely got scammed outta money on this one and worship it.

    3. @It be like that well its very hard to snag one because we got bots buying 2000. I’ve been checking every day since it came out, still can’t find one

    1. it was low key ahead of its time I want them to remake it with mouse controls and controller on a new engine with a better stealth system, basically a metal gear solid and a splinter cell game combination

    1. @alex duffy absolution was my favorite one but I doubt it’s on this gen consoles. If you can find a way to play the very first one I’d do that. The timing and satisfaction is great. Never played blood money too much though.

    2. i plan on starting the hitman games which one should i start in this new era of htman to borrow a line from kronika

  2. It’s a shame how game like this doesn’t get the praise it deserves, Hitman’s world assassination triology was a beautiful experience.

    1. @John Leary This game has a lot of hidden content. To Fully 100% this game would take another 20-25 hours, not including the community contracts, were you even watching the video?

  3. Marvelous how the Hitman’s victims clothes fit him perfectly! I would like him for once have his victims trousers half way up his leg.😂


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