Is TENCENT Preparing Hostile Takeover of EA or Take-Two?

A sizzling new rumor recommend one of the world's largest companies is hoping to purchase one of the bigger video game publishers. Let's take a deeper look.
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Comment (101)

    1. @reggiep75 also china gas pathetic equipment and military. They beleive armour makes you weak lmfao. They would stand no chance. Too bad u.s brought in a corrupt old idiot with dementia that will support chinese corruption.

    2. @Bowman C. china is an issue that the world needs to get rid of. Too bad if they dont like whatever method used. China dosent have significant power or even a half decent military and arent a real threat if nations actually stood up the communist trash like they should.

    1. @dawangai SimCity 4 was the last good game in the franchise. Do you mean the last iteration of SimCity where you are restricted to a tiny area, was online only, and you couldn’t even save your own game on your hard drive?

    2. @R4M Kutla Chakela and its only because its star wars and thats disney and because they failed to keep microtransactions in star wars battlefront 2 and we know how that ended

    1. @Snowman0HK LMFAO, ya, that’s why Amazon, which is worth twice as much as Tencent, is broken up. Oh, wait. The American government is run by corporations.

    1. @Rappa Kalja wth? Where did I say that this is about left or right? It’s about common sense but it might be hard when most people limit their news source to just one msm

    2. @Halo Legend there’s truth in his comment. But it’s exaggerated. I’ve heard comments from doomsdayers like this plenty of times. They always make things sound worse than they really are.

    1. @Tyler You argue usus while also confirming it is uncommon and only accepted because people in the spoken language used it that way. The same could go for “than/then” in the future if americans just stop caring about the difference and just accept it as correct.
      You educated no one, mr Big Ego.

    2. @Not So Fast they are literally the same guy, Lucifer was his name as an archangel, but as King of Hell he became Satan, also people and Series need to stop saying Lucifer morningstar, because Lucifer is latin for morningstar, so they are basically repeating the same name XD

    1. Especially a Chinese monopoly. However, the backlash would be significant enough … I suspect we’d see a response from enough of the player base that would rend the decision. Truly. It would be messy, but quite likely. The existing demography supports this envisioned catastrophic reaction.

    2. nah not really, it would be great, everyone should just stop playing games and let it 100% die, only way to fix how bad games are now anyway.

  1. I feel like Tencent owning these two conglomerates would be able to bone us over harder than all three separately. Then again, it’s like to major evils being bought out by one greater evil.

    1. It really is kinda scary when you start really delving and start seeing these Viacom like superconglomerates in the video game market

    1. Profit$ >>>>> Democracy.

      Activision-Blizzard …and many other corporations will shed any notions of Democracy, human rights and worker violations if it gets them access to massive lucrative markets.

    2. @Halo Legends you aren’t wrong lol. They admired they were experimenting with it in their lab equivalent of the cdc in China. The release was intentional. The cover up was intentional. But god forbid we call it the China virus 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. @Deepflare12 Technically, they are not. Nothing consumer media or hardware wise is “ours”. We own copies of those things, not the whole property. For instance, it’s up to developers and company/corporation that owns them to dedice whether software for consumer electronics should be updated or not, if ceased, the hardware becomes useless, because it cannot operate without dedicated software and license owns those that created it. Same for games, multiplayer exclusive product once shut down is practically just an exe icon sitting in your dekstop or console library. Singleplayers (if devs are that desperate) can be massively affected too by rolling out ridden patches that forcefully lock behind the gates a certain amount of content or capability to mod assets using it’s engine (GTA 5 SP mods as an example).

      TL;DR: we own none of the physical or digital entertainment, only tiny scrap that is a copy or sharable memories (say circus, a zoo, cinema etc) of a work.

    2. And our wallet’s is a lemmon that’s about to get squeezed in to lemonade. And that lemonade is the money that am saving up for food on my table

    1. Tencent will come for them too. Did I say tencent? I meant the CCP. Nearly every company has a government minder with their own position to make sure the company does what the CCP wants.

    1. @Draxe hell yeah.If they buy Take2.I can already smell the shitty micro-transactions.
      GTA 6:To hijack cars,you must pay $14 and 99 cents.
      RDR3:To afford weapons,your horse,and your cowboy hat,buy our dlc pack which costs $30 to pay.
      NBA 2K:to dribble a basketball,pay $45/per month fee
      And they buy EA…Nothing much would changed.

    1. OH… it can get far worse.

      EA have a thing going for ‘Services’ and Tencent could simply hasten that.
      Not only will you get ripped off in freemium games, you will have to pay a monthly subscription to access the games you are getting ripped off in.

    2. @Jaden Yeah lol I’m not trying to, tbh I personally don’t care if Tencent owns the gaming industry. I’m just offering a course of action for those who have an issue with Tencent.

    3. @JKP0P you’re not gonna get everyone to just stop buying there games lmao, pretty much impossible as you can’t spread the word to everyone and parents will still buy games for there kids regardless if they are good or bad

  2. The Friday show should be hosted by a Financial Analyst this week. We all know what the big story for the week is going to be 🚀🚀🚀

    1. @Tomjo5 most people don’t, it’s like a make believe language to keep people from playing the game. I guess we do that too with Video Games.

  3. I don’t like when companies are run by other ones and Tencent is such a big one from China it could be a problem for the industry

    1. @FishFingerConnoisseur Bruh these fucking kids are worried about the gaming industry but this is the tip of the iceberg. China is trying to buy out all the biggest companies in other countries to essentially control the country via the market. The battle for hegemony will not be fought with violence, but fought in markets and with corporate buy outs.

    2. lol you’re worried about China controlling the gaming industry? they’re going to become the next world empire, which likely won’t involve all out war, but the US is no longer the dominant hegemony. China will become (and arguably currently is) the most powerful country in the world. Chinese companies buying out the top companies in other countries will become more and more frequent till they control all they big money actors in the political sphere. Modern war won’t be storming the shores of other countries, it will be flat out controlling their economies through hostile takeovers via crashing stocks and buying out the companies at rock bottom.

    3. As long as this doesn’t affect indy games I don’t really care. They’re way more fun than anything EA or T2 churns out. Afaik all these big gaming corporations are already corrupt anyway.

    4. @FishFingerConnoisseur exactly, people around the world need to know that China is trying to take over everything through dominating the entertainment, tech, and production industry…

      That’s why all our main stream movies are edited to cater to a Chinese audience.

      That’s why all our lowest quality goods are made in China and shipped to our countries for cheaper than we can make them.

      That’s why China forces tech companies to hand over schematics in order to do business in China.

      And look at the chaos CCP has caused in Hong Kong. Arresting student protesters and locking down city blocks to force random people to take Covid tests.

  4. Even though I don’t like EA or 2K, Tencent owning them would be significantly worse than the state of where those companies are right now because of Tencent having ties to the Chinese Government. This would allow Tencent to control and censor the creative ideas game developers may have if they go against the values of the CCP.

    1. i don’t like EA much either, but with EA helping on some of my favorite games (Apex legends) i am worried what it would do to the companies that it works with


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