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The Medium (PC, Xbox Series X) is a narrative-pushed horror journey from Bloober Team. How is it? Let's discuss.
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  1. The potential was there, but we were a bit underwhelmed. Thanks for watching 👍
    bring back third person horror fixed camera angles!

    1. Jake I’m not sure why you feel the way you feel. Me growing up to games like Silent Hill, OG RE and Clock Tower, I can really appreciate a game like this in this day and age. Game looks gorgeous and not every game requires combat to be good. Well those were my 2 cents. Hope everyone enjoys the game as I did.

    2. @PAKISTANI GAMER 2.0 this will be the only game, besides broken punk 2077 and ac Valhalla we will have to play for this next gen till April. I’m kind of not happy about us getting a 8 hour horror game.

    1. @Andrew N There’s no substantial frame drop between ‘single screen’ and split screen sections, my Ryzen 3600 + RTX 2070 Super handles it all maxed out in 1440p with Ray Tracing Forced (always on) and it keeps it in 45-60 fps most of the time with drops to ~30 fps in reflection heavy scenes. You can also choose Ray Tracing ‘On’ instead of ‘Forced’ and then the fps is a lot more stable as the game decides which objects RT is used for to keep good performance.

    1. Well the game is not that Indy it’s a studio made of 100+ guys so let’s say it’s AA. And then well I mean sure Amnesia and Soma have no combat but this game was compared to Silent hill not to the aforementioned. So you should at least create more interactive gameplay than just walking and gathering items.

      Just saying.

    2. @Chris Jones I think a very good example for an Indie Horror game would be Welcome to the Game 2. There is no combat, but damn, that’s a scary game where I shat my pants the first couple of times whilst playing it.

    3. Since Amnesia, pretty much every well known horror game (Indie or not) lacked combat mechanics, so i’ve also found that statement quite odd.

    1. @Ttttle2010 Fair point. I’ve also heard some of the latest spin offs and all that have been good so who knows

    1. @H.H. Music its becuase this game as really good moments but also has really boring moments. But overall id say it’s good but not a must play. Or in other words if you do play this you won’t be disappointed but not 100% satisfied especially if your a silent hill fan hyped up for this game.

  2. Having played every Bloober game so far it sounds like it lives up to their standard of passionate but not quite AAA quality. Not knocking them but the folks expecting the next Silent Hill will probably be disappointed. Probably a good Game Pass game to play through but not to buy

    1. @Draven Ripley ok, I’ve never played their games before I just know it has a resident evil/silent vibe to it. Seems like one of those games that will keep you on your toes for most of the game.

    2. @Charles M. well bloober is known for niche AA games you either love or hate observer etc etc. This game just got so hyped up because Akira Yamaoka and Troy Baker got involved and the cinematic trailers made people believe this would be the next silent hill so yeah.

    1. @Vinícius Medeiros yeah but I am in no rush…. If only I had.. Oh, what the bloody hell is it that they call them. Blasted. It’s on the tip of my tongue. What the deuce is the name again? If only I had the ability to traverse to the past where I could have sworn I “played” with these these other children when others were more than the mere acquaintance…. more like some one who coincides with my principles or can offer words of wisdom. These other similar aged and minded children were by my side in in nearly every good and bad moment in time… I can not for the life of me remember what they are called. I need a moment to regain and collect my thoughts.

    1. Well the fact that this is on game pass will have many more people play this and talk about which will eventually push revenues for the game and a hopeful sequel…. I have gotta say, the game pass move by MS is legendary…

    2. the concept and a lot of the ideas are so cool. The Medium 2 or a new The Medium with a new story or concept could be amazing

    1. @Syuna Frost lol this guy. why don’t you support the games you want to play. If you aren’t interested enough to play it then don’t buy it or pirate it. why waste your time to pirate a game if you don’t care enough about it. Your whole sentance makes you look like a right stupid twat

    2. I’ll just pirate it on pc for free not paying for gamepass I’m getting it for free foreal unlike these fake gamepass xbots bragging about it being free while paying $15 a month lol

    3. If you still have doubts about buying it, you can try it in the gamepass and apart from “The Medium” you have many more games that could interest you


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