Will The Biggest Open World Space Game Ever Be Finished?

Star Citizen is likely one of the greatest crowd-funded game tasks ever, however we nonetheless don't have our arms on the ultimate version of the game. Let's check out why.
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  1. I use to joke around with my friends that my kid could play this game with us. Now, he is about to turn 9. Jokes on me.

    1. Same here. Older one is 9 as well. I have backed this game in 2014 . However, now while playing SC in 3.12 I’m having fun and sometimes imagining that I will sit in agro mole mining with my son or bounty hunting pirates in interfceptors with him and benefit from his quick reflexes and good aim. And gues what. I have two sons, 2nd one is 6. Looks like I will have my own fleet.

    1. @Nikkolas Diehl I heard a rumour that SpaceX are actually planning to go to Mars in 2024 so your only 2 years off unless said rumour is a lie.

    2. I legit think this is genuinely possible. 2022 is the year that Elon will send people to Mars. By then, according to the game’s timeline, they may have only released one more star system out of the 100 they plan to have. If they keep the pace of the 1-star system every year, they will release the game in 98 years….
      They REALLY REALLY need to find a faster way to create and release star systems.

    1. @Kris Potter Cyberpunk 2077 was announced in May 2012. Trailers for the game were released in January 2013, at E3 2018, and at E3 2019. The game was initially confirmed for Microsoft Windows, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One announced at E3 2018.

      roughly 9 years
      That’s roughly 9 years of development time for Cyberpunk 2077.

      Google: cyberpunk development time

      Ive been waiting 9 years for cyberpunk, bought a 3080 for it, and haven’t bothered to finish the campaign, as its as broken at SC (i’ve clocked 100hours of Cyberpunk and only half way through, for reference) . But yes the core development was the past few years. Yet Grandes explode on the surface of the water. And i only just get 40fps on max settings 4K DLSS on performance. In SC you feel G force and damaging a thruster changes the movement of your ship according to Physics and i get the same FPS (native).
      B0TH games have t-posing AI one game get away with it as its Alpha. Just i little lol (me smashing my keyboard after a error 30000 crashes the game as im transporting $$$!)

    2. And if they stick to it while not beholden to investors or 3rd party publishers, it may just succeed. Art wise I would expect the game to reach beta with only a handful of systems done, perhaps 3-4 more years , then pump them out as fast as possible.

      They just opened a new studio and are hiring dozens of designers and environment artists to build them. As for core game and mechanics plus the myriad of complex backend tech and their single player story game set in the same universe (failed to mention that they are developing two full AAA games here), done when its done is the only way to do engineering.

      Like you said CDPR. look at that clusterfuck and that was a glorified and somewhat watered down GTA V. Great story and characters but zero innovation in open world cities and missing/broken mechanics with bugs spewing forth everywhere. I too have been waiting and seen its entire development and followed every detail, met many of the devs, toured the offices, been to the conventions and mingled with the community.

      It has been a damn long time, but I have enjoyed it thus far despite setbacks, some community confusion and bogus court cases from Crytek as well as the general clickbait of which I am glad this was not one. For once game journalism stuck to its opinions and listed some facts (others omitted unfortunately but there is a lot to unravel with open development this long).

      I have seen first hand the passion, dedication and above all talent they have to pull it off. Will it? No one can ever know till it releases, but I have well founded insight and have had my worries settled, there are still truly ambitious games that can be genre defining. I hope to anyone evenly mildly interested or looking for a game like this, to see you in game even if you would prefer to sit back and let the chefs cook.

      And don’t buy the ridiculous packs, get a basic ship package and play the alpha to earn your other stuff in game. Its very doable and the intended method. The packs are just there for whales/wealthy people to indulge their nerd passions or giveaways for streamers etc. The majority of money made so far has been from the minimum price game packages that are $45. Stick with that unless you are sure you want to commit more to development. Adults can control there spending. Focus on the community and fun and less on the politics. Beiieve me our community is both CIGs biggest fan and harshest critic. The drama s we’ve had. Yet they listen actually use our contributions.

    3. @Gravity I actually really like this game. I know there are a lot of people that hate the game for various reasons. But I really enjoy space trucking. The graphics and freedom are amazing and I find it to be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience when it works. I feel like I have already gotten my monies worth and every 3 months there is something new to see that keeps me coming back. The community in the game is amazing and I have made lots of friends playing this. So while it’s not a complete game yet and probably won’t be for some time, I am not upset. The thing is you can choose to invest in this game and you can choose not to. But $45 to play a space exploration game is in my opinion a pretty good deal.

      What gets me are all these people that get so upset about it. I mean I have spent $50 on a single airplane for DCS and flight simulator, so maybe my ideas of what a game should and could cost are different than somebody else and maybe that is who the game is geared toward.

    1. “Son, believe it or not, I used to play a little of this myself back in the day. Before it launched. 20 years before it launched.”

    1. IDK, I could see it being covertly transformed into Tool’s 6th album, or the final book in A Tale of Fire and Ice. Hell, it might even end up turning into Yoko Ono finally realizing that it’s time to retire lol.

    1. @Yasoing calling me stupid with no counter argument? People like you are the reason why packets of peanuts have to say “may contain nuts”

    2. @Yasoing i mean whatever makes you sleep better at night man. to me personally with the amount of money the have and the amount of time they’ve spent not to mention the amount of people working on this project even after all that and still only get them this far is beyond unacceptable which led me to regret that i ever spent 150$ backing up this project.
      obviously you have different sentiment which fine by me.

  2. EVE Online, close to 18 years running, over 300k players, averages 25k persistent online, sets records for PVP battles in the thousands.

    Proof that what makes an MMO is the players in the game.

  3. Being a backer myself, my thoughts on star citizen is that is a poorly managed project, also they are waiting for technology to catch up with the stuff they are trying to do, if that ever happens. Honestly i don´t think it will ever be released as a full game, and it will continue as it is until one day they just pull the plug and that´s it. 🙁

    1. Elite dangerous is a thing and the odyssey expansion which gives us space legs is around the corner. Sure its not the perfect huge scale proposed by star citizen, but it actually works, its functional and they arent asking for $1000s of dollars for ships, infact the only MTX are ship cosmetics, spoilers, color schemes etc, theres no pay to win

    2. That’d be a huge class action lawsuit idt they’d pull the plug. Development is picking up steam though I think because of that fear

  4. Chris is probably just waiting to be so old that he doesn’t have to die broke from the inevitable class action lawsuit.

  5. they not going to “finish” the game, why would they do that when they are making so much money off an incomplete project

    1. @SirSpoof
      OK, Squirt, let me break it down again for you.
      My point is that after taking $ BEFOREHAND from their customers, they want to charge $2500 for in game ships, and other greedy azz moves.
      That looks like a cash grab, plain and simple.
      If the developers used their own $, or investor $ from shareholders who stand to turn a profit, that’s one thing.
      If you and your friends collectively gave a manufacturer of a product a large sum of $, would you let them spend years telling you “I’ll have something for you next week/month/year” ?
      What if after you gave them that $, they tried to charge you even more for a special feature of their product?
      You’d lie down and take it?

    2. @LoboKhan1 I’m not defending the way this project has been managed over the years, there are several things to critize for sure. But seriously, people commenting about numbers and figures and comparing to established studios…sigh, do some actual research and use your brains a little.

    3. @Yasoing
      did Cyberpunk developers take over $300 million beforehand in crowdfunding?
      Did they charge $2500 for in game vehicles?
      If the developers used private investor $ or their own $, that’s one thing.
      To receive over $300 million in public donations, and THEN charge ridiculous prices for in game items, ……… well, there’s no successful defense or excuse you can give for it.

    4. @Yasoing its loughable as well you know..when they can change direction all they want for god how many times..and people like you will just turn their face for their excuse..really?!..

  6. The issue with open development shows itself:
    It allows broad statements from surface skimmed overviews without much look into the whys.

    1. We all be playing this game as senior citizens on our super computers or game streaming. Future citizens homes will have to offer gaming rooms for us all and VR.

    1. I’m more inclined to believe they’re vacationing on a beach somewhere in Hawaii and toasting themselves on how clever they were in conning the gaming public.


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