10 Best Unlockables You CAN’T PAY TO UNLOCK [Part 3]

Some video game unlockables and secrets and techniques are nonetheless solely attainable the quaint means. Listed here are extra of our favourite examples.
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    1. @XRailex -911- I mean thats the only way it was before. Grinding or doing something almost impossible for a character skin or gun. Now its infested with battle passes or the challenges and rewards are dumbed down.

    1. EA: pay for exclusive items
      Employee: weeeell, there’s actually anot-
      (Employee missing)
      EA: “new patch update”

  1. If the clues to unlock something were in the Collector’s Edition of a game, isn’t that a little “pay to unlock?”

    1. @saiko AKD That just means they had the first change at finding it. With the Internet, the world was going to find out quickly once someone did find it.

    2. well yes but actuly no since you just paing to get a gift you can still get it if u didnt buy it

      i dont evenhave money to buy minecraft

  2. EA: watching this: ………..

    Edit: Also, Battlefront 2 is a hella great game now and there is almost no micro transactions, so please, no shitting on it in the comments.

    1. @Mappy Bc Also also, if we wanna get super technical, you gotta pay for the hardware/TV/game/everything else to play the game so technically everything is pay to play

    1. @Josh Sullivan Then my game was glitched which isn’t really surprising. I knew about Skippy and spent hours trying to find it based on maps I saw online. Definitely wasn’t any icon on it.

  3. The Skippy gun in Cyberpunk is literally a “?” marker on the map. Not at all hard to find. Just gotta go to the correct “?”.

    1. @Sir Loin There are like a trilion question marks on the map in Cyberpunk so it’s not that hard to miss Skippy. Also it’s just really cool, comes with its own detailed story and everything so I’m glad they mentioned it AND warned players about the twist 😉 Btw if you want to actually make this game a joke get Genjiroh, looks same but wrecks even more.

    2. You are correct, not sure why it’s in here at all. It’s regina’s gun. I told skippy I’m not taking him back after unlocking headshot mode. Skippy is a beast!

  4. Saw doom eternal and thought “Oh! It will probably be the fully golden suit you get when you beat the game in ultra nightmare! The hardest difficulty and if you die once the game is over!” But the unmakyr is good to

    1. @Sid Between the glass, and the resolution of YouTube, and my brain being so bombarded with unloaded Cyberpunk polygons, I suppose I can see where I made that mistake.

    2. It’s not unloaded polygons, the car is black and it is dark and the shape of car is polygony so it looks unloaded but it’s not

  5. Bo2: Yo, I see ppl like to make players unlock guns instead of using cod points.

    Me: *Having to grind instead of going all in in Wager Matches*

    Bo2: Yup this was a great idea!


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