10 CHOICES You SHOULDN’T Make In Grand Theft Auto Games

The Grand Theft Auto video games typically put you in terrible positions where it is advisable make unhealthy selections. Listed below are some ridiculous examples.
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  1. Someone clearly didn’t listen to Trevor’s rant afterward when you take the man to the airport.
    Torture is for the torturer, not info, or any of that crap.

    1. That whole mission is so funny to me. Like i love how they dont even know that they’re touring the right person

  2. Even for “story-reasons” I wouldn’t agree with most of Falcons opinions here. You do sick stuff with Trevor because… well, he is a sick bastard (and while he cares for his friends to some extend, this never really changes). And not led having Nico his revenge… well, for god’s sake, for what reason I play this game then? Sooo, yeah… out of these 10 things, you probably should do half of them.

    1. I think the video is just saying which were the more beneficial choices vs morally bankrupt ones that weren’t worth losing sick bonuses.

  3. I remember taking out Dwayne and felt so guilty after I did it that I started the game all over again and went after Playboy X instead.

  4. They really need to remaster GTA 4 .. The only GTA I never had personally and the protagonist i know the least about . Didn’t know you had so many options in that game also

  5. Man, gta iv was so beautiful in terms of story and choices, as much as it lacked in many areas compared to other gta games, it was also superior in many ways.
    I hope gta 6 will take more notes from gta iv rather than v

    1. Agreed. The whole landscape is just gray and drab and dreary. Games should be something you want to do in your spare time but 4 just didn’t have that pull.

    2. These games were really never supposed to be comical and light hearted that’s what made them what they are. But games like saints row kinda changed that. Btw I miss original saints row, by that the serious approach

  6. I just found out a few years ago that you can’t play certain missions if you’re fat CJ. The Truth fat shames him in one of the scenes 😂

    1. Nah it’s still available on pc and rockstar needs to be pushed to make new games not just re-release the same old game and add micro-transactions.

    2. @gphjr14 sadly not everyone owns a decent enough pc, but i meant it would be cool if they could do it like GTA: SA (PS2 port) which is available on new consoles without any alterations. Im definitely not technical, but it seemed more doable to release a ps3 game on ps4 than a ps2 game hahha. Especially considering gtaV has seen such treatment? But yeah maybe like you said, they cant fill it with more microtransactions, so no big money gains.. Its just sad tbh


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