10 CRAZY NEW Crossover Mods You Have To Try [Part 2]

We've obtained extra superior video game franchise crossover mods for savy PC players. Try the hyperlinks under.
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Dante –

Vergil –










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Comment (43)

  1. lol why did your tone of voice change to slow and soft while talking about john wick? then went back to normal for everything else XD

    1. @Marquis I’m just saying he might have been in the zone and pushing for time or something and just so happened to get bubble guts after he started. You gotta get the recording done so you just put your laptop and recording set up in your rolling chair, wheel it into the restroom with ya, drop a quick deuce and keep on trucking. Not saying I’ve done it before but if I had to…that’s probably how it would go.

  2. Falcon: “You’ve never seen master chief move like this”

    Me who’s seen master chief versus samus: That’s where you’re wrong my friend lol

  3. “You’ve never seen Master Chief move like this.”
    I guess you’ve never seen Monty Oum’s video, Master Chief vs Samus.

  4. Disappointed the everyone mod doesnt have any warframe, melee is a big part of the game and even Excalur or Valkyr would fit fine.


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