10 Game Difficulty Mechanics We All HATE

We love difficult video games, however some video games use lame methods and annoying methods to make game issue unsatisfying.
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    1. @mc philosoraptor the only people playing that clearly have never completed a Souls game try to use your own thoughts

    2. I feel like that disparity is unknown or ignored by most players and developers. The point about needing to replay a section dozens of times to memorize everything before you can hope to get through is particularly annoying to me.

    1. hee hee me cheese boss, oh wait he has his minions infinitely spawning that stop my combo evverytime i try to do my trick on the boss >:(

    2. This trope is annoying, for sure, but it can be done very well.
      The Deacons of the Deep from Dark Souls III did this perfectly, same with the Loghorrean from Grim Dawn.

    3. When they add respawning mini boss enemies that you need to defeat a certain way but while you fight them the boss starts healing.

    1. @Shanetor Yeah… I remember once when I was playing Assassin’s Creed 2, one of the rooftop guards split into about 10 copies of himself- for no clear reason! It was like watching that scene in The Matrix when the agent dodged those bullets…😳

    2. @Spygun04 Wow, I’m gonna look into that- I don’t remember the last Bethesda game I’ve played. However, I know Rockstar and Ubi Soft games to be pretty glitchy as well.

    3. @Joe Kickass LOL, are you saying Bethesda makes glitchy games?😄 When I was a kid I thought ALL North American game developers made buggy games- since “the best” games always came from Japan…

  1. Escort missions where the the escorted are dumber than a bag of rocks with the constitution of a wet paper bag in a hurricane.

    1. @osareafallire No, XCOM gets “false percentages and gaming against the player when they’re doing too well”. XCOM will FUDGE your rolls when you’re doing too well.

  2. This is why I play story games on normal. It provides just enough challenge for me not to get bored but I’m not wanting to rage punch my monitor. I also suck at puzzles so I gave up on The Witness after a few hours lol

    1. don’t play looter shooters, or mmos, or most difficulties above normal in general because it is just that: higher hp pool, defense and/or damage for enemies.

    2. Bullet sponges are terrible. You’re sitting there shooting 1 hundred rounds into a normal grunt and he’s just like “tis but a scratch.” Next thing you know your ammo is gone and he’s taking you to the cleaners

    3. I get the reasoning for difficulty in the remake for Resident Evil 2, but it really threw me for a loop when I realized zombies could take five plus bullets to the head and still attack. Immersion ruined.

    1. @David Chawner i never understood the point of punishing a player for being good. It just negates any skill progression.

    2. or the police cars in gta5 that can match a 2 million dollar super car on a straight line but suddenly become grandma’s rust bucket the moment you hop in them and start driving 😀

  3. As someone who has started gaming late in their 20s I would be highly discouraged if the game is nagging me about playing on easy. some games I need to play first in easy to grasp the concept and replay it afterwards in a harder setting, like currently doom eternal which is awsome to see the progress I’ve made

    1. They literally sent villagers inside my area and built a stable or a barrack just to assert dominance over my failing empire…

  4. I hate in racing games like the need for speeds when your winning and the games just like “ohh no you don’t” and the AI just fly past you like your not moving. And it’s usually about 90% of the way through the race so you have to start all over again

    1. @Bearrett 50 Kal The AI in Forza does cheat btw, the game multiplies their hp based on how far from the player they are.

    2. @Micah Jones Yeah, i prefer ai cars falling behind if your driving good. It’s more fun for me at least if I can get a lap or two ahead of them. I remember one of the nfs games that was simply too hard because you had to drive perfectly to win.use every slip stream you could and if you did one turn badly you could as well restart the level.

  5. “like try playing a game with unresponsive controls, or ones that will just crash randomly, a perfect example of this is” COD COLD WAR LMFAO

  6. The trouble with horror games doing the “play over and over until you get it right” is you stop being scared and start getting annoyed.

    1. @Careless Dreamer I believe there is a Demo for the game if you want to try it. Anyways, good luck if you decide to play through it 🙂

    2. @kikiphallin well i suppose i’d have to try it out. not gonna buy it certainly, but if i knew someone who owned it i’d be willing to pick up the controller, i’m not so close-minded i won’t try things 🙂

    3. @Careless Dreamer Take it from someone who doesn’t like Cat n’ mouse horror games and never plays them. Resident evil 2 remake nails the difficulty, it’s not really hard and Mr X while “scary” it’s much more bereable than other “monsters” of that kind.


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