10 Games Where You Ended up Being The BAD GUY

Some video games shock you by making YOU the dangerous man, villain, or one thing else you weren't anticipating. Listed below are our favourite examples.
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  1. I nominate Little Nightmares: a game where you play as an “innocent” little girl trying to escape a ship of cannibals, only to find out that the character you are playing as is a potential threat to the outside world.

    1. @Armin Xvs I think she was getting them from the tears, well that was the conceit at least, but it made the game less of a challenge and less enjoyable. well to me at least.

    1. @Arman Maleki At least that game was acknowledged. They probably have not played the Drakengard seires, but if they had, I think Drakengard 1 at the very least would be a runner up.

    2. @Random R basically. thing is you, as the Nier and the player don’t know until you see the “enemies” point of view… then you feel really bad for playing the game

      Highly recommend- also check out Drakengaurd

    1. @Mr New Vegas Dude if you really want your mind blown. Play the first bioshock then play infinite’s burial at sea dlc. That was the cherry on top.

    2. Mr New Vegas You made a wise choice, friend! I owned them all on Xbox 360 and also have the remastered collection for Xbox One and Switch!

  2. The “Spec ops the line” one is pretty obvious but the execution of the reveal and how they did it still amazes me to this day

    1. You know if we all just were more observant, a few minutes after starting the game as you approach Dubai you can see in the middle of the desert a literal STOP sign.🛑

      Now we have disobeyed written orders. 🤘🏽🖕🏽

    2. Awesome game.

      “The Line” was crossed right at the start of the game. When walker wanted to keep going right at the very beginning.

      You disobeyed an order, in doing so, you crossed the the line.

  3. What about Roller Coaster Tycoon… I mean, we’ve all tried to commit some form of mass murder in that game right… or is it just me.

    1. @jashard wallington well I’m your lawyer’s lawyer and I told him to tell you to tell us your details. P.s. my lawyer told me not tell my name because I’m your lawyer’s lawyer and we can’t be in a lawyer conflict and such lawyer problems.

  4. I’m really surprised that Heavy Rain wasn’t on the list. Granted you don’t play as the killer the entire game.

  5. Only western version of Nier has you playing as the dad; the Japanese and remake is the brother’s perspective.

    1. That’s because of cultural differences people in the us don’t vibe with brother sister relationships like at all due to individualistic competitive nature of the western countries and instead they vibe with father son or father daughter. There are tons of other western movies and video games which exploit this father child dynamics to build a story. Those actually don’t work in Japan. In Japan sibling relationships are considered more sacred bond. Take any anime for example, there’s always brother sister plot device.

  6. Crackdown: A game where you work for an agency that supplies weapons to gangs, while you simultaneously fight those same gangs. The C.I.A. right now: 😰👀😶

    1. Damn, I played the first Crackdown when it came out and I completely brain farted on that twist. I think I was too busy trying to collect all the Agility Orbs to notice.

    2. It’s obvious that the entire game hints that the C.I.A brain wash their own agents to make them do bad stuff to their world it’s like the same plot of COD BO1 where the russains is brain washing ALEX MASON to make a sleeper agent to do bad stuff to U.S.A’s team and the same thing happen in BOCW just like REZNOV said IT’S ONLY DIFFERENT FLAGS


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