10 SHADY Gamers Who Paid A HEAVY PRICE

Some avid gamers have pulled off schemes, methods, and different unhealthy stuff you would by no means consider. Listed below are some loopy examples.
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    1. @Sina Rouhi Um ok let me know how you would feel when you’re been told someone is armed and dangerous and you have to go into a house you have never enetered and have to find them

    2. He did. This was a mistake in the video. Tyler Barris is the name of the person. He is serving 20 years for second degree murder.

      Edit: To clarify, he was a serial SWATer. He got 20 years solely for this. He got time for others as well. He is effectively serving life.

    3. Yeah pretty much all of these sentences are wayyy to harsh except for this one. I don’t think people should ever get jail times for hacks. I mean I get it sucks for people to be hacking but it’s not really they’re fault it’s up to the companies to ban them or have better anti cheat not send them to jail that’s screwed up.

    1. Different countries prioritize things differently. A lot of morons shitting on America in the comments without recognizing the wild sentences are from other countries. Go figure.

    2. Imagine being in prison and you are surrounded by people who did murder robberies home invasions etc and you just remember that you scammed some kids in csgo XD

    3. Casey got 15 months for conspiracy. Tyler Bariss got 20 years for this incident and a shitload of other time (Far more than the 28 stated) for other incidents. He is effectively serving life.

    1. Money isn’t even real. People letting themselves get their lives ruined over numbers on screens lmfao. Sad state of affairs!

    2. @Patrik Kisgergely Wrong. The minimum in the US for being charged with felony theft is 1500$ stolen, which is a law in Georgia. You are required to pay the fine, the money back, and possibly spend some time in prison, but not 8 years. 8 years is cruel and unusual punishment, but then again this is the Czech Republic and most countries outside the US have crappy law systems that are highly biased, very broken, very one-sided, and make me realize why I will never practice law outside the US.

  1. So selling hacked items = years of prison time whereas someone who swatted someone, basically inciting someone to be murdered = a year and a half prison time. Make it make sense.

    1. Different countries prioritize things differently. A lot of morons shitting on America in the comments without recognizing the wild sentences are from other countries. Go figure.

    2. @Sleepypanda57 I’m assuming Barrie is the officer? If so good. But still I’d say Casey (the caller?) should have around 5-10 years if that

    3. ​@beastness501 Actually I’d still say planning someones MURDER needs more jail time than stealing regardless of what they stole.

      Someone DIED because someone else planned it and they got a slap on the wrist, might not matter to you but pretty sure you’d feel differently if it was someone you cared about on the receiving end of that bullet. just cause you apparently value objects more than human life doesn’t mean plotting someones murder isn’t wrong 🙂

    4. Lol some of these people have spent thousands of hours building their accounts. Might not matter to you, because you might spend your time differently, but imagine working and building your own house on your own property just to have someone somehow steal it. Pretty sure you’d feel differently about that person needing jail time. Stealing is stealing. Just because you view the time you spend “better” than people who use theirs on video games doesn’t make it any different.

    5. @Corttanos Tyler Bariss did not get a year and a half. Casey got 15months for conspiracy, and Bariss was given 20 years for second degree murder, as well as a shitload more (Far more than 28 years that is mentioned) for other incidents. He is effectively serving life without being given letters.

    1. Man slaughter = 15year, hacking and stealing 1st person = fine, 2nd person = max fine, 3rd person = jailed 10 days, 4th person = 1 month, and on and on and on until you adds up to years.

      Also the csgo i doubt he goes to jailed for i years, he gonna get fine if this is his first time.

    2. It depends on how they charged him. Most likely they went with the lesser degrees of murder or manslaughter since he didnt directly pull the trigger and his lawyer probably cut a plea deal.

    1. Shoplifting can net you 12 years.

      Running over my neighbor, his neighbor, and a few Kids at the bus stop, would only get you 10.
      Insanity is a powerful thing.

  2. Nah Falcon. Cheat offline till your hands fall off, I don’t care. But ZERO Tolerance for online cheaters.
    I haven’t played an online shooter in years because of BF3 and Battlefront hackers back in the day.
    Some countries levy heftier crimes against online cheaters than others. I would think the individuals have to know what they’re doing before getting caught.

  3. A great deal of people tend to think that cheating in multiplayer games at most ruins someone’s day. But from business perspective it damages the game experience driving down its value. Activision only banned accounts after well-known players started leaving the because of it.


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