10 WORST Cash Grab Attempts By EA

EA is without doubt one of the most despised gaming corporations. Listed here are some examples of huge errors they've made the previous few years that attracted the ire of many avid gamers.
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    1. EA is one of the major reasons I stick to story rich games ONLY!!! I pretty much stay away from multiplayer games now… its pay to win mostly… and kinda boring

    2. @Ashutosh Prajapati – I agree about the early 2000’s. The Lord of the Rings trilogy by EA for the GameCube Nintendo/SONY PS2/XBOX was great. NBA Live used to be great as well. I still have my Nintendo 64 copy of LIVE ‘99,

      I’m not sure what happened to the gaming industry since then.

    1. And then they get people to white knight for them saying “the price of games hasn’t gone up in 30 years (or some bs along that line.)”

    1. I do like their games. They are fun and look good, but such a slimy practice to add all those micro transactions. What happened to the days where you just bought a game, put the disk in, and played? Nothing more! You got what you paid for and that was that.

    1. You can make a list like this out of Ubisoft, Activision, CDPR and Rockstar as well. In the end GTA Online is just a predatory pay to win bs but most people are hypocrites and won’t admit it and defend the shark cards as “you dont have to buy them” nor you have to pay to win in EA’s game but that’s just defending EA if you say that.

    2. Forget a book. You could write a series that would dwarf that of Shakespeare. So large, the index alone would be longer than the bible.

    1. yes lmao and a few seconds later he does it again…. ‘battlefront 3’ after saying battlefield 3 correct the first time lol

  1. Nobody:
    Literally nobody:
    EA: *makes a loot crate that has 0.01% chance of getting the good stuff in a fully-paid game
    EA: “Why do you hate us so much?”

    1. @Toph Beifong No, I’m actually a huge Scott fan. Some people actually think Madden 08 was a good game though and I thought you were one of them😂

    2. @Toph Beifong bruh Madden 08 wasn’t even the best football game that year, All Pro Football 2k8 is still superior to all Madden games ever made.

  2. Just to warn you all, The Mass Effect Legendary Collection’s Collectors edition also looks like it won’t come with the actual game. Hope I saved at least one person.

    1. @Robert Tramone they are not same games at all. Cant recall hero showdown game mode with a different skin in Battlefield where you can actually use 2v2 tactics with your friend.

    2. Battlefront 2 is an aboslute Masterpiece. No one does audio visual immersions better than DICE. You all just haters because the mothercompany is EA.


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