20 Best Sword Fighting Games That TRULY Test Your Reflexes

Video video games and swords are the proper mixture. Listed here are our favourite video games that contain precision with the blade.
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#20 Onimusha

Platform : PC PS2 PS3 PS4 Xbox XBOX ONE

#19 Ninja Gaiden

Platform : Xbox 360

#18 Chivalry Medieval Warfare

Platform : Xbox PS3 PS Vita

#17 Murderer's Creed Unity

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

#16 Tenchu

Platform : PS PS2 Xbox Nintendo DS Xbox 360 Wii PlayStation Transportable

#15 Legend Of Zelda

#14 Ghost Runner

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Switch PS5 XSX

#13 Witcher 3

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX Switch

#12 Manner Of The Samurai

Platform : PS2 PlayStation Transportable

#11 For Honor

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One

#10 Blade Symphony

Platform : PC Linux

#9 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One

#8 Mordhau

Platform : PC

#7 Soul Calibur 6

#6 Bushido Blade

Platform : PS

#5 Nidhogg

Platform : PC PS4 OS X PS VIta

#4 Sekiro

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Stadia

#3 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Platform : PC

#2 Darkish Souls Trilogy

Platform : PS4 Xbox One PC

#1 Ghost Of Tsushima

Platform : PS4



Platform : PC PS3 Xbox 360 PS4 Xbox One

Hellsplit: Area

Platform: PC

Metallic Gear Rising: Revengeance

Platform : OS X PC PS3 Xbox 360

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Comment (45)

    1. I also made lists of NDS games i liked the most, on the RPG, Platform and Strategy genre, just visit my youtube page, they are the games that i liked the most

  1. I think Sekiro has to be in front of the souls trilogy, it’s literally a FromSoft game focused on sword combat. Also a little surprised at the Nioh snub

  2. The title is misleading. Title should be “A list of random games where you play as someone who wields swords.”

    1. Nioh is so underrated, everyone kinda likes it but there is hardly any serious love for it which makes me wonder why

    2. Nioh for action type of Souls game is number 1 …. hands down I’m still trying to beat the first one. And I’ve beat pretty much every hard game on nightmare or hardest setting

    3. @Prashun ‘PC’ Chakraborty I’ll tell you why it beats most people they don’t beat it I spent 3 years just trying to beat the Fu dog. I finally passed it and now am getting further into the game. It’s insanely hard and so rewarding once you do beat a boss.

    1. @Joshua Christofferson I thought star fallen order was great. But sekiro has something star wars doesn’t. Star wars seemed easier and on rails than sekiro

    1. @Jordan da Silva all the characters had problems and every betrayal understood why they would do it, the combat is super fun, the story is great, the entire game makes you question if honor or peoples lives are more important, even at the end. It made me feel for characters that I didn’t think I would feel for, I felt bad for ryuzo, I felt bad for my horse, I felt bad for my uncle. Its really shows how war basically has no good outcomes, and that your traditions may not be the best thing to do

    2. @z H I haven’t played Legends tbh. I’m more of a Single Player type of gamer, give a good story and I’m happy.

    3. @Beinerth Chitiva Machado the story was interesting especially some of the side plot lines but what won it for me is the combat, in my experience that’s the best swordfighting I’ve ever played.

      (Gets a bit boring if you play Legends, still satisfying though)

    4. @Jordan da Silva I don’t care about graphics tbh, they were gorgeous tho of course. But I loved the art direction, the combat, THE STORY! The characters, everything tbh.

  3. Metal Gear Revengence immediately came to mind when I saw the title of this list and it was just a mention 🙄. Well at least it was mentioned, thanks Falcon.


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