5 NASTIEST Real Life Grudges in Gaming

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  1. Ironically, if Jack Thompson was around today spewing his nonsense on a podcast or something, he would probably garner a pretty big following.

  2. Somehow in the early 90’s Genesis just looked better and played better. Never liked the super NES console design.

    1. Its the same with me and Bloodborne, its fanbase always has something really interesting to say about its lore and gameplay

    1. @Total Motors I’m sure it sucked for them, tbh….I doubt they enjoyed it…..I think Sega could’ve kept up, had they had better marketing and designs…..Sega basically failed themselves, didn’t want to get out of video games, so they decided to partner up, and just be a video game developer/publisher……

      And Sonic still brings Nintendo and Sega great chunks of money, so while it may have sucked, I think Sega is okay at this point 😂😂

    2. @ShyamWolf Yeah but how embarrassing is it that you have to come crawling to your biggest rival and beg to be in an olympics game crossover because you’ve failed

  3. I was team Nintendo. I only knew a few people at school that were Sega. We never took it super serious or anything, but I remember getting in little playground arguments lol.

  4. I remember being in middle school hoping Jack Thompson would just have a stroke or a heart attack. I got real defensive when dumb people blamed video games for real world violence back then. Now I just call them idiots and move on

    1. It’s mostly bad parents so I wouldn’t worry to much about them, we can’t change te fact the raised their children really bad and now look at something to blame.

  5. I am a guy of the 80’s and 90’s and I remember the console wars of that era. They were great to witness!! And I also remember the GTA Mortal Kombat bs that went on 🤣🤣

  6. Just watched Console Wars documentary.

    SEGA was swinging very hard to sell their product, Nintendo waving their ego around and then Sony came around and made them look like a bunch of kids not knowing what they are doing.

    1. Consoles were good when they were Offline.
      They have nothing lost in the Online-world.
      Appart from creating dumped down cross-plattform games for their shitty consoles and the glorious PC masterrace.

    2. @Fernando Aguila Gonzalez yet they have half the bank of nintendo, which is what happens when you sell multiple generations at below cost in attemt to stay in the game coupled with paying 3rd party companies for timed exclusives makes for pitiful profit margins… Just saying.

  7. Wow, now I know about Jack Thompson and I’m glad he got what he so righteously deserve. What a sorry excuse for a lawyer.

    1. Yeah, back in the 90s & early 2000s, us gamers hated this guy with a passion. Now, I just laugh when I hear his name.

  8. “Hey bro you’re kicked out of the space gang”
    “Fine, I’ll make my own space gang. With blackjack, and hookers!”

    1. @uncleweirdbeard considering where they came from, I’d be shocked if the stories you’ve heard are even the worst of it. Also, doesn’t EVE still cost monthly to play?

    2. Lol, I support Papi considering alot of the things Ive heard about Goons. I started to get into eve, but backed out because of Goons and the stories ive heard


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