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Battlefield 6 information

Tech demo:

Mass Impact Legendary Version

Bizarre year for Activision blizzard

Leaked Goldeneye

I’m Jesus Christ gameplay

Destruction All Stars launch trailer

Earlier than You Purchase Werewolf


Making of Hitman good learn


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Comment (62)

    1. @LukeUnderUp Honestly, you should re download it. I have been playing it as of late and it still has an extensive active player base.

    1. For real. It was ahead of it’s time. I did try to play it recently, didn’t age well, should of keep those memories in my memories. Lol

  1. In terms of digital/streaming/physical games, it’s a weird one for me as I am purely digital on my pc but purely physical on my console. I still think there are too many stories of people having their accounts closed and losing entire digital libraries. There is something satisfying about having the physical box, with the artwork, disc etc that I still cling onto.

  2. Dice: “we listen to our community and give players what they want.”

    Community: “Give us another bad company game.”

    Dice: “no.”

    1. I’m willing to bet that decision is not up to Dice. EA decides what games are good to make and publish, Dice just makes the games. They can pitch ideas to the publisher, but at the end of the day it’s EA’s decision

    2. I don’t think it’s dice’s call tbh. I feel like if they didn’t have EA pulling their strings, they’d provide ALOT more even another bad company. Look at how battlefront 2 recovered; EA finally left Dice to clean up when EA should’ve just let Dice take the wheel from launch.

    3. I’m pretty, sure most people in the community want a modern warfare Battlefield in the main series, not a Vietnam War BC3.

  3. EA saying they’re ahead of schedule must mean they figured out how much to charge for the other 4/5 of the story.

    1. Working on Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earth blood because I too like Werewolves and Vampires. It is as you described so far, unfortunately….

    1. @YT-CesarB ! U burned that little girl so hard shes on fire now! She was talking about how much of a loser she was, also somthing about translation…

    1. @Alan Angcao do not, i repeat, do NOT pre-order ANY of these games. period. look at the last fiascos, not even just recently either.

    2. I guess I should give up hope on Battlefield 2143. Battlefield V was so underwhelming you would think they could spice up the game a little.

    1. On an episode i watched in the week he actually had a scarf or a beanie and an extremely different color shirt on. I think its not impossible that its purposeful


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