JUSTICE LEAGUE “Jared Leto”s JOKER” Trailer (2021)

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JUSTICE LEAGUE "Jared Leto"s JOKER Scene" Trailer (2021) Scnyder Minimize, Batman, Joker
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    1. @That Karma having an own opinion is not being ridiculous. I think Leto will do it better than his last performance and if you can’t accept that other people think different from you, I think that the only ridiculous one here is you

    2. @Bany Sanchez the problem I have is that it wasn’t just the looks that made his joker rendition so bad it was also his shitty acting…… every scene he was in suicide squad was super cringe…. especially that awful laugh…..

    3. @That Karma love how people thi k it’s ok to throw their opinions at somebody and swear that they are right. Let people enjoy something regardless if you do or not. Atleast this version is a better version. And the problem with the original version was that there was no story or context. I’m sure if he had a larger role and plot people would enjoy it more. Let’s not forget the joker used to be an extremely corny mob type gangster so this was a modern take on that….. It wasn’t a good idea to put the joker in a thugs body can’t really blame it on leto he’s not a bad actor. Still wasn’t terrible

    1. try to read all the words together not just that, and without your daily dose of internet memes.Then it shouldn’t be any problem with it .

    2. @MrAuditore96 I thought so, but I wasn’t really sure tbh because I didn’t watch Joker until like late 2020 and I didn’t pay much attention to society memes before then. *Anyways, We live in a society where Veronica is a distant memory.*

    3. The phrase became quite known for being in a lot of images with a background of the joker, mainly very sentimental or pseudo-intellectual people. The memes came up on facebook pages in Spanish .

    1. @Alex Hoy right been watching Joker since. The 70’s I think he’s about to give The Joker Character Life that even Jack Nicholson’s darkside couldn’t portray.

  1. I’m sorry am i the only one who absolutely cannot take Leto’s Joker seriously, AND NOW THEY MADE IT EVEN HARDER WITH THE “WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY”

    1. No, you’re not. He just doesn”t fit to this rolle and he showed it perfectly in prev. suicide squad. They tried to rescue his impression of Joker by changing looks, but in the end you cant rescue what is already dead


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