Little Nightmares 2 – Before You Buy

(*2*) Nightmares II (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) is a horror journey like no different. Right here's why you need to test it out.
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  1. Thanks for the review, gameranx! We wanted to mention that the audio-only puzzle you pointed out actually does already have two visual cues that will help you solve it if you don’t have sound or are hearing impaired – there’s a visual effect when you are close to the correct solution and another visual effect that you see after you’ve picked the wrong solution. We hope this helps!

    1. It’s nice to see Bandai listening to comments. While you’re listening, lack of co-op does hurt the game because couples would like to play this game. Now I have to skip this and find another coop game to play with my wife. Please consider coop for future games or implementing it to this game.

    2. @critter bait it’s a prequel if you see secret ending you get a hint of her new hunger pain. And she sees a picture of the maw her next place to go

    3. @Conor Barnett didn’t they say it was a sequel? Well, I guess the game just came out, so we gotta wait for interviews to answer our questions.

  2. With less and less free time on my hands as I get older, I appreciate short polished experiences over longer games with loads of padding.

    1. @Hedda Linde truly disturbing, I restarted on accident on the hospital level (sorry If I disclose any spoilers) and now I’m on the teacher level 😳 let’s say uh been playing for 2 hours tryna beat her

  3. The first was amazing so I’m guessing this will be just as good, I like the two protagonist idea also, reminds me of what they did with unravel 2

    1. @Marquis Same here and actually didn’t finish Unravel 2 because the co op thing was terrible and frustrating to get through

  4. Buying this for my girlfriend for valentines day, she loved thr first one. Thanks for review good to know it’ll be perfect for her

    1. I honestly thought of Spirited Away- mostly because you play as a small child in an unfamiliar vessel full of horrid creatures.


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