Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – 10 BIGGEST CHANGES

Mass Impact Legendary Edition is coming Could 2021 and its bringing massive modifications to the beloved sci-fi RPG trilogy. Listed here are the largest modifications we all know of to this point. Sources beneath.
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SOURCES and references:

No multiplayer:

some modifications:

Digicam angles:



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Comment (78)

    1. Oh good you’re finally awake. I’m commander Shepard and this is my favourite store on the Citadel. One does not simply wake up here without saying shut up and take my money!

    1. To people who owns consoles with ssd. I am assuming you can watch youtube on ps5 or consoles? I highly recommend you do NOT do that. Your ssd will die.

    1. @Andre Scott Falcon said that it looks like they’ve kept it in the first game, but I meant back in the day between the first game and the sequel.

  1. Everyone: *complains about Garrus’s calibrations*
    The Normandy: Destroys a collector ship in 1 shot
    Garrus: :I

    1. @Kakashi Hatake You’re right. they had to “get in close and finish ’em off!” Garrus, dude, c’mon! step it up!

  2. Am I the only one who’s going to low-key miss the little conversations squad mates had as a result of the long elevator loading times in the Citadel?

    1. Not me, I stuck a lot on Noveria and has to reload saves and repeat conversation over and over and over and over and over again.

    1. I feel like the available texture and lighting mods makes the update to 2 and 3 pretty redundant. ME 1 ofcourse needs it’s.

    2. @Ziyaad Fredericks Makes sense.

      If it was a remake, it would be a lot more time intensive, AND

      Pinnacle station could return, as well as potential Raytracing.

    3. remaster your wallet and sell you the same product again with a teensy fraction of the original production costs. iv’e never played 1-3 but this set sounds good, although “sounds good” is a bit of a loaded statement nowadays in AAA gaming

    4. @TM Z You are correct in calling this a remaster, but the looks or mechanics have nothing to do with it being a remake or remaster.
      It’s a remaster because they took the original code and game assets and built on that. Remakes don’t really reuse assets, but rather create new ones from scratch.

  3. This trilogy for me was literally like playing a tv series. All the feels, I am so excited for this. There isn’t a title that I’ve played more then this.

    1. @poligon333 Come on stop talking like a sheep. Most of the original yeam is still there and the legendary edition will set back the tone for the next game. AND the game is back in the original studio. That said there will be obviously less problems for the developement. Thats a good start.

    1. Apparently you will be able to stay in the elevator if you want, there will just be a button press to skip it if you want to opt out. So, best of both worlds. 🙂

    2. Agreed. Best case scenario, the elevator still has the conversations, and the elevator ride concludes as soon as the conversation does.

    1. @János Brutyó And Todd Howard was specifically talking about distant textures but just got quoted out of context and is now giving people PTSD flashbacks for some reason. He has reason to worry

    2. Chill, it’s specifically textures. And not all. 4×4=16 For a texture asset to be 4x larger by both dimensions over a 10+ years face-lift is pretty realistic

  4. Changing the camera angle because of “things”….

    Me who played the entire games for the Dialogs and “Possibilities”… 😭😂

  5. This remaster is basically damage control, it’s being done to rebuild confidence in the franchise and Bioware as a company.

    1. @jamvng , It’s a half-arsed remaster. They’ll be lucky to break even with this release. After the disaster that was Anthem and Andromeda they needed to do something to fan the flames and get people back onboard. This is about rebuilding the brand and restoring the fans trust in the company.

      They’ve got Dragon Age in the works and they can’t afford another fiasco. The next Dragon Age will make or break Bioware, their existence as a company depends on its success.

    2. partly maybe. But who wouldn’t expect them to do this? With all the remasters going on nowadays to milk more money out of a franchise. Why would EA not make some buck by remastering one of the best RPG trilogies into one package.

    3. @Strawberry Milk Wearing Silk it’s already been confirmed that Bioware is currently working on a sequel. But I do think this “remaster” will greatly impact how they will handle the next game. I feel that if it goes really well, EA may allow them more time and they may put for resources into the sequel. I think this will be a test to see if they can revive the series and strike a cord with not just the veterans but also the youth who never got a chance at playing the trilogy and only say the andromeda failure.

    1. @Risengaia Go watch the log. For the rest of the game loop like shopping trips or finishing side quests, seconds instead of minutes are objectively better.


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