PS5 Official Accessories: ARE THEY WORTH IT?

A evaluation of the Sony branded PS5 equipment. PS5 official equipment are sometimes extra accessible than the console {hardware} itself. Many individuals purchase them, however… do you really want them? We have a look.
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  1. I got the 3D pulse headset as of 2 days ago. I have to say…its a very impressive headset for 100 euro. The battery also lasted WAY longer than i expected. The microphones work alright but my m8s said i sounded a bit more “distant’. The sound is great. The controls are very handy. I really like it. Only complaint being that it could be better adjustable

    1. @MuhNamesTylerr I agree with the first part but I never knew getting a good mic would make everyone else’s mic sound really good. That’s amazing.

    2. @Matheus Santos I’m talking about the pulse headset in particular which has a decent mic. Obviously if it’s really bad then you have to upgrade but the pulse has a good mic that’s bearable.

    3. @Matheus Santos I get that but I’m specifically talking about the pulse headset which I believe has a decent mic that’s bearable to listen to. Obviously if you get a mic that sounds really bad then you need the upgrade but that’s not the case with the pulses, all headsets have their pros and cons.

    1. @69Meters Below Aight no Target in the Land of honour and heroes(Sweden). Just scalpers on facebook marketplace.

    1. @AnotherGuy12 its sad and embarrassing how much you care. Think for a second how much you’re making a fool of yourself arguing over stupid consoles. Its not that serious.

    2. @AnotherGuy12 christ man youre the biggest fanboy going. Go spaff your load over pictures of master chief. You absolute lost cause.

    3. Well man, now you know if it”s worth getting one of these accessories when you finally get to buy your PS5, maybe you’ll be be able to get them in a bundle and get a sweet deal. That’s why Gameranx tested them for you. If you then hit that like & subscribe button the circle of life is complete!

    4. I think another guy forgot that x box created their console 7 years after Sony created their first console lol

    1. It is and will be a good console but to be honest there’s not much content and any games that were supposed to come out have been delayed out months again. I’ve had one since launch day and I’ve been playing PS4 games since Dec. If anyone tells you otherwise and has had a PS5 for more than a couple weeks, they’re lying. And I refuse to play Godfall, as I think most people forget that it is a PS5 exclusive. Miles Morales launched the PS4 version accidentally one day and it took me 2 days to even notice. Anyone stressing out, we don’t have any content yet and it will be a year or two before we can really see what these consoles can do anyway as usual.

    1. @AnotherGuy12 Well that’s just false and dumb.
      what I would say is that Sony shouldn’t make online multiplayer games. cuz that’s not their forte. and also, that’s not what people go to sony for

    1. @AnotherGuy12 or maybe Sony is having trouble getting enough chips so they constantly have low supply and very high demand seems that Microsoft is just selling you a console for a bunch of subscriptions hell Microsoft won’t even have console exclusives so people might as well spend the money on a pc for the games

    2. @M DGAF people are also scalping these because of all the hype which is why they are hard to find. Go on Ebay and you’ll see Pulse 3D and even charging stations going for 50 percent markup or more. Tell people they can’t get something and they’ll immediately go out and try to get it so it creates it’s own market where they may not have sold out otherwise.

    3. @AnotherGuy12 ok good one… who’s that insult for lol? Your life is so empty you just resort to shooting random obscenities and dumb comments in all corners of the internet hoping to….yea that’s the confusing part….hoping to what exactly?

    1. @Snowman0HK yeah its pretty funny imagine calling the other on “dualshock 4s”
      people will look at me like -___-

    2. @Arman I think its because this iteration really stands out with more features thus people want to let everyone know they have a “dualsense” not just a controller haha.

    1. Why do you even want one lol so what I’m doing do, wait till a year or so, there aren’t even any decent games yet

  2. “hard to come by”? That’s an understatement if there ever was one
    At this point I am not sure what I will get my hands on first the vaccine or the console

  3. Heads up, I got mine from GameStop in a bundle with a game I didn’t want, when it arrived the reciept/order slip was itemized so I was able to take in the game to the store for a refund

    1. @ellie how did you get one, I’ve been on the look out since the year started and still see nothing but “sold out”

    2. @AnotherGuy12 okay you go and enjoy my Ouya and give me your PS5. I’m sure you own one or how else would you come to such a conclusion? You surely wouldn’t just be trolling youtube comment sections?


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