An insane new next-generation graphical tech demo, a PS5 exclusive will get a launch date, pigs can play video video games(?) and extra in every week stuffed with gaming information.
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Epic Video games Unreal character creator

Black Fable Wukong

E3 2021 digital

Ratchet and Clank launch date! (Not all delays!)


Cyberpunk hack

6 Days in Fallujah returns:

Little Nightmares:

Little Nightmares studying:

Joel confirmed for Final of Us HBO present

(And Jack Black is claptrap)

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Comment (61)

  1. thanks for watching! hope you have a great weekend.
    def be sure to drop what you’re playing here. We always use it to judge which news and games we cover 👍 🍕

    1. I just finished Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir yesterday evening. I thought it was a great game. Today, I just started replaying Bioshock 2.

  2. I read a tweet from Jake saying he’s been dealing with anxiety. I’m sure stress has gotten to all of us at some point this year. I want you to know the gaming community really appreciates your work, man. Have a good weekend, Jake!

    1. You know… I was thinking Jake looked a bit “off” today. So reading your comment validates that. As someone who has battled anxiety before, I wish him the best. Having to deal with mental health is tough, but thankfully there are a lot of resources now.

  3. “I’m rooting for the pigs, because they’re gross, like me, and I want them to win.” Actually almost spat out my water when Jake said that lol.

    1. This has been the reality for the past decade. It’s just more prominent now and harder to hide, especially with social media.

    1. It’s something about the lower eyelid not moveing an how static the skin on the cheeks are. They’re missing subtle emotive stuff. Additionally, people’s eyes often dart around while they talk, another thing missing

    2. @melloyellogsxr The characters would have to move and act like real people as well… Their behavior, dialogue… Otherwise it would still be obvious they’re created by a video game engine. But I think in 10-15 years or so we will have games that are indistinguishable from real life in every way.

    3. Imagine them in say a grand theft auto game. You wouldn’t find them a little harder to shoot than say traditional grand theft auto title where npc are obviously video game characters? I just think that if characters become indistinguishable to real life counterparts that it will take an important part out of gaming.

    4. @melloyellogsxr Well depends… I feel like it’d be harder to shoot a game character that you felt a connection to. But a random character on the street can catch this smoke, no matter how “real” they look

  4. When is that unreal engine due out? That creator tool is insane, we are getting so much closer to looking like real life than ever before!🤯

  5. Jake: “I guess video games can hook you and bring you in, even if you’re a pig!”
    Me: “and I took that personally”


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