Why Valheim Might Be The BIGGEST SURVIVAL Game of 2021

Valheim (PC) is an open world survival game taking Steam by storm. What precisely is it? Let's dive in.
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Comment (58)

    1. true i’ve been grinding this game for 4 days and i haven’t eaten and broke up with my gf on valentines day cuz i wanted to do a boss instead of her

    2. What do you mean? lol We are setting expectations now on an EARLY ACCESS? Its an early access what do you mean games should be more like this? Like what? Are there games not worthy of early access?

    3. poor graphics , shite gameplay, and paid sponsors all over the net. yep sounds like an early access game…

  1. Gamers: We want something like this
    Corporations: Nah Fam
    Veteran Gamers: Fine we’ll make it ourselves
    Corporations: *surprised pikachu face*

    1. @slapypenguins101 Yes, indeed we have. It’s the fact that it has taken the good bits from many different games and implemented it well into one.

    2. @Beta Sloth fair enough, I will probably try it, seems like something that humble bundle would snatch up

    3. @slapypenguins101 I wasn’t trying to convince you of purchasing it, but if you like survival/building games, then I’m sure you will enjoy it. (✿^‿^)

  2. where can i buy this DLC known as “friends”?

    Update: I decided to buy the other dlc called ‘girlfriend’. Thou it has a debuff called ‘gold digger’which requires daily money, it has the attribute ‘sex’ which increases all your stats.

    1. Man just go to the Valheim discord server and gently ask to joiin a group, you’ll surely find suitable people to play with.

    1. Feel the complete same with this game, already hit 2 million sales hope this is enough motivation to keep the game exciting and that magical feeling with it. Can’t wait for the future tho game is still a baby.

  3. Because of the massive popularity, it’s gonna get better and better fast, good to get and support and be a part of now. Gonna pick it up right now!

    1. @Vengeful Mosquito yeah I’ve played quite a bit of it now and it has really been great, just going through with 2 friends and Irongate claim it’s 60% complete which would hopefully mean they intend to do more and now can

    2. @Lex yeah hopefully the keep adding, they’ll make more money by adding stuff and get more popularity… early access games should at least make it to full release especially with their popularity, and besides… they’ve made a great game that clearly some people were passionate about, it’s not some half assed early access cash grab game so it’s promising. We’ll see.

    3. @Thirsty i have the game i love it its amazing but what the guy said above you its true regardless of popularity or how successful thats the risk with early access games devs can just suddenly halt development and up and run with the money its happened countless times i have cautious optimism but im happy to see anything added

    1. @well as an expert I’d say just spent a few hundred on a second hand pc and you’ll be all goods. Older parts and models lose heaps of value pretty quick, so you could get something decent. A mate of mine bought a pc for $750 which would’ve been like 3-4 grand a few years back.

  4. This is honestly one of the best Early Access titles I’ve ever gotten into and I’m psyched to see it taking off so much.

    1. @Da Wizard 1.0 59.99 AAA titles ship with less polish and content than Valheim. If you wanted a 3D Terraria mixed with The Forest mechanics your gonna have a good time. Combat is like a mix of BOW and Dark Souls. Have fun, hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.


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