Some video video games ask you to do ridiculously difficult, irritating, or tedious duties for completion's sake. Listed below are probably the most demanding in-game quests we've hated.
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  1. The Queen of Cards needs to play Yu-Gi.
    She’s basically cheating and everyone knows what Yu-Gi does with cheaters.

  2. Honorable Mention: Dodging lightning strikes in Final Fantasy X. Think that’s when I hated myself the most after failing over and over.

    1. I got so frustrated by it that I actually bought some electronics and built a machine to do it for me with a light sensor, a motor and a solenoid + some technic Lego parts.

  3. The tournament is literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done in a video game. I literally raged so hard I ran across the room and dove onto the floor.

  4. I knew The Tournament would be here, but let’s be real, there could have been so many other AC-oriented entries on this list.

    1. Cyberdriver part 3 from WD2 is even worse. Same strict timer but you also have to deal with awful driving controls. If your PC is slow, you can only finish it in offline mode with cheats because of lag and stuttering (best part – the timer uses real time instead of frames, so you also have to drive faster and crash a lot)

    1. @Nanashi X Nah, you are just smol brainer.
      Just don’t fly the plane, and just drive it on land like a car to reduce fuel loss by 80%.

      See, big brain, not impossible

    1. thats because those skyrim quests are a complete hell

      so he skipped from 10 to 7 just because he knew he had to put it there.

    1. @ARC Game Design I mean I actually like Falcon I just thought this was funny like dont talk to me ’til I had my coffee vibes but he actually got coffee idk 😂

  5. Some honorable mentions:

    – Breaking Titanfall 2 record in the beginning of the game;
    – GTA vice city toy helicopter mission;
    – Driver 1 tutorial;
    – getting a girlfriend


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