10 Best Open World Racing Games You CAN’T IGNORE

Love automotive video games? Love racing? Love massive open worlds? We've acquired you lined with these nice video games.
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  1. *”Gta games are mostly about racing”*
    **awkwardly thinks back to the time of flying from place to place while playing gta**

    1. Exactly what i was gonna comment …. NFS Heat is more like rank 8 in this list. FH4 should be No1. Its the only game I haven’t uninstalled from my PC .. and love the online mode

  2. Honestly, My favourite open world racing game is Forza Horizon 2. It was the thing that got me into Cars and Top Gear which are two things that literally made me who I am. The music on Horizon Pulse and Bass Arena inspired my current music chocies to this day 6 years later.

    1. @Random gamer 578 I totally agree, I got it first on my old Xbox 360 then I got it on my Xbox One S a few years later using Xbox Live Gold. They feel like totally different games.

    1. @Zank tanner( i said rico cus i remembered the face from just cause but lol its john tanner) actually pretty fun game i might install it again later best arcade driving physics in my opinion. i pirated it tho since its not actually available to buy for a while already.

  3. I really wish midnight club la was on this list. It had insane customization, actual characters, a cool world and a really nice playlist

    1. A midnight club remastered collection would be an absolute dream, Dub edition and La are two of the most solid racing games released

    2. @YouToob sadly were not gonna ever see one most likely unfortunately/tragically. Notice how GTA 5 looks abit like MCLA? Rockstar would rather make car models of fictional cars that look real than paying the car companies to frature their licensed vehicles. Plus wives of employees of the development of MCLA claimed of crunch and inhumane working conditions so they disbanded off of that rumor..

      Not because it was perfect
      But because it had the best overall quality across the board

    2. What a game if never played it until a friend of mine who isn’t really into racing games told me that it was a great racing game gave it a go and he wasn’t wrong.

  4. NFS Heat is only on top because it’s NFS, not really any good reason for it being number 1. It’s not a bad game by any means except maybe its optimization on pc, but like even he couldn’t think of a good reason on why it’s number 1.

    1. @It’s Raj Bro Atleast the customization in nfs heat is the best i mean, come on engine swap in nfs, that’s a first. Name a nfs game that has better customization than nfs heat go…. that’s what i thought. Nothing

    2. @Samuel Ford Well i had played Heat for like 20 hours, yes it’s small number of hours but nonetheless still fun and nice game but idk i just can’t get the much fun on the replayability value and kinda ignore it afterwards and play Forza Horizon 4, Dirt Rally, or Burnout Paradise instead, and for the last two games i have like almost 500 hours on steam because they are just addicting.
      While yes TDU 2 is an old game just like Burnout, but i still played it many time since i owned ps3 and still back then even tho i already have ps4, it’s like for some reason it pops up in my head sometimes and i want to play it more, that kind of feeling, doesn’t mean Heat is a bad game, it’s just not memorable for me..
      Same thing with other triple A racing games like project cars or the crew 2, you may argue they are better games in a lot factors than older games but there are more aspects which affect what make them fun to play for each individuals..

    3. @irvanCrocs after replaying both then playing heat, going to back to those older ones is rough. The driving/engine in Heat is exceptionally better, the story is just as bland in U2 as it is in Heat but at least Heat has proper open-world. Unfortunately, nostalgia isn’t a criteria to rate a new edition of a series and NFS fans keep forgetting that they aren’t kids anymore

    1. forza: f*ck you nfs
      nfs heat: ah dont hate me cause im better maybe if you got a better map you’d get ranked as #1 or better yet maybe you falcon would of had more to say and praise about you ……………………………………LOSER
      forza: WHAT!!???!?!?

    1. @Alex1995 SRB Opening and closing windows was a nice feature, and so is being able to select trim options at dealership but the game was riddled with blindingly broken features, the physics in the game was completely garbage, the races were long and boring, the car engine sounded like trash and everytime you shift it sounded like the clutch was slipping. The game was OK at best. I remember very vividly that NFS at the time had much much better driving gameplay physics and audio before criterion took it over and fucked up the franchise.

  5. Man… Heat’s open world was pretty lifeless. It was the least awful of all the new NFS games but definitely didn’t deserve the #1 spot on this list in my opinion.

    1. @spong payback looked awful the cars looked plastic and the game just looked fake, nfs 2015 is the best nfs game for graphics, heat has the best customization and handling payback had a poor story it tried too hard to be fast and the furious and the city was way too under used. graphics though forza is the best looking game on this list hands down looks amazing nfs heat has poor optimization for PC i can run FH4 Ultra 1440p at 140+fps but heat sits around 60fps maxed out and dropping all settings to low only gets me an extra 10fps. we need ea to remake nfs 2005 properly that would sell so well

    2. @spong And if you ever got to play nfs 2015 , you ll realise they downgraded in both payback and heat after 2015 game.

    3. @Swaran Singh honestly heat was the worst nfs by ghost games, I found payback way more fun and somehow payback looked better than heat


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