15 Best NEW Games That Are Now DIRT CHEAP

Seeking to play some 2020/2019 video video games on PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and many others. however not keen to interrupt the financial institution? We've acquired you coated with some offers.
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15 Ace Fight 7
($20 on Amazon)

14 Resident Evil 3 

13 Satan Might Cry 5 $25

12 Vivid Reminiscence (10 bucks on steam)

11 SW Squdrons PS4 $25 proper not (point out PSVR)

10 Days Gone ($21 – 25 on amazon, costly in every single place else)

9 Phasmophobia

8 Borderlands 3

7 The Darkish Photos video games $20

6 Loss of life Stranding underneath $25 on Amazon (we’ve seen it drop at GameStop too)

5 Code Vein underneath $25 on amazon

4 Desires PS4 $15

3 Dragon’s Dogma Darkish Arisen on Switch $15 as an alternative of the same old $30

2 Jedi Fallen OrderSteam (half off):

1 Outer Wilds

BONUSpersona 4 golden, thought-about top-of-the-line JRPGs, now on PC

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Comment (81)

    1. I only make 4 euros hour, and you are saying me you can earn more than 18€ hour?? I live in portugal, and 20€/20 dollars is too expensive, tell me this countrys where you eran more, i need to go there!!!

    1. People acting like fallout 76 will never get better clearly never revisited elder scrolls online a few years after your release

    2. @PaleGhost69 it’s actually kinda fun. For somebody whose put in line 30 hours at this point, it’s starts really slow but once you start leveling up and getting better drops then it can be pretty fun. It does get boring REALLY fast though. It looks great and it’s nice to explore but I wouldn’t buy it for too much maybe something less than like $15. I’m pretty sure you can find it on eBay for like $4 or at least you could

    3. @a b yea Im not though. I have s*** on this game just like others. Its a decent game now with the fixes and content. If you arent gonna play it fine, thats your decision. Def not a fanboy

    1. I’ve basically been living in PS Stores sale stuff for the past year and a half now. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve bought for cheap. 😂

  1. Days gone is literally the most underrated game of 2019. So glad I listened to user reviews instead of “expert” reviews on this one.

    1. @L Luis is your Vram usage higher than your total Vram in the options? Stutters could be because you’re exceeding your Vram usage. Turn settings down that effect Vram until it’s comfortably under your total Vram. Also what gpu and cpu do you have? Is it a desktop or a laptop?

    2. @Baddwolf I am a lifelong RE fan. I first found out about it when I was 7 and I went to my friends house and his Dad was going through RE1. the game intrigued me, I eventually wound up playing RE2 and then eventually RE3, 4, CV, 5, 6, 7, REmake (1-3) Outbreak 1 & 2 etc.

      I know it’s subjective but the issue with RE3 vs RE2 is this:

      RE2 remake cut out a small amount, but also added a bit as well. It followed the story almost to the tee of the original game while modernizing it and making Mr. X more of a game objective than he already was in the Original.
      RE3 Remake cut out the abandoned factory, park, grave digger boss fight, as well as multiple interactions with Nemesis (The live slection system). Not to mention the Iconic Clock Tower area. Yes they added the underground Umbrella lab but it’s literally 2 hallways and 3 rooms. The point is RE3 was already as an older title, a short and rushed game that still went above and beyond with RE expectations. Now 20 years later the could have made it right, expanded more of Jill’s story and given us more scenes and areas with Nemesis. Did I mention they also cut out the ‘Uptown’ area as well? Literally could have added more documentation of the events of Racoon City, had added more areas to keep it interesting, and for that I can’t recommend it for more than $20. And the thing is I like what they did with the hospital, I feel like the venture through RPD was too short though. But yeah Wait for it to hit $20

      And before you say anything more about it ‘being subjective’ Resident evil 1 remake aimed to fix a lot of issues the original RE had, they added: 4-5 new areas, 2 new boss fights, revamped all the cutscenes, and recreated 100% of the original game WHILE adding on to it and modernizing it for it’s time…. RE3 remake is a joke

  2. Days gone is amazing , if you haven’t tried already , now is the perfect time , or if you wait and get ps5 and it’s free on ps plus

    1. I played it over PS Now. It’s off there now, but it was one of the games that could be downloaded instead of streamed.

    2. I bought Days Gone 2019 Black Friday for $20. And I didn’t experience a single memorable glitch in my 2 playthroughs.

    1. @uKu I recommend mystic-archer- assassin class. Don’t look for it in the beginning, start with archer and build towards mystic-assassin. I find this the most fun/forgiving in the beginning. Enjoy!

    2. @uKu As someone who has been playing video games for 33 years, I’ll do my best. I really like this game for a couple reasons, first, it gives the feel of the original Zelda. Even more so than Skyrim or Breathe of the Wild, DD lets you tackle/stumble upon harder content if you choose. Most areas of the game are only gated by difficulty and that means truly open world. Only thing holding you back is ingenuity and ambition, so exploration is truly fun. Second, it’s a massive game. Is it the best game ever? No, in this day, it’s a little dated but the lore and storytelling/world are great if you like true gritty medieval fantasy. Lastly, if Skyrim is your favorite game ever, then you may want to stick to that (this game is not moddable!) but if you want something that feels like the original Legend of Zelda but completely updated visuals, items, weapons, armor, story and world, this might be the game for you. It’s loop is a little mundane but it’s dressed up in the best way if you like the fantasy genre. It’s a product of it’s time but 100% worth playing today.

  3. Hmm, would you guys consider doing a “best free games on the Nintendo switch”? I’m curious as to what your opinions on the best ones are, and the free ones are available to anyone with a switch. Though, perhaps that’s obvious.

  4. Days Gone is my favorite game, definately worth the money. Took me a long time to beat but I enjoyed every second of it.

    1. Too bad I forgot to cloud save my PS4 when I got my PS5 and I lost my Days Gone save I was about halfway through… Don’t think I’ll replay it anytime soon lol, it took so long

    1. @MEandHIMandME Definitely! There were moments in the game that I thought to myself that surely this must be the last mission only to complete it and get way more missions. If you can get it for cheap, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

    2. @ShuYo Well i won’t get one. Anyways I’ll wait, right now it’s bad and it’s best to wait. I remember in 2014 being more PS4 videos then than in 2013. I guess it’s reasonable. Oh and if i DO get a PS5 and i get Days gone on PS4 then i can play it for free on PS5 too with greater Graphics.


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