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Some good phrases from Rockstar Video games' father or mother firm, PS5 DualSense lawsuits, an extended awaited Nintendo Direct, crypto affecting gaming, and extra in per week filled with gaming information.

T2 Explains Future Undertaking Priorities, doubles down on Rockstar single player:

PS5 controllers

Konami Silent Hill/MGS rumors

Nintendo Direct

MK film trailer

(Jake's full response)

Shovel Knight for Honor

Nvidia crypto

Stubbs The Zombie

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Comment (55)

  1. quick update: just as we finished making this video, Blizzcon started and a Diablo II remake was announced among some other things. What do you think?

    1. No evidence it works. Loads of science saying it’ll make you worse… But hey… You wanna wear a germ rag… You do you

  2. “Konami have shopped out a new silent hill game to a japanese company” well that’s gotta be a Pachinko machine right? That or a crappy mobile game.

  3. every day he says “as as usual my name is Jake baldino” I’m waiting for the day his name changes and he say well today my name is UfuUfuwefuefueAntwetwetweHibibiye oAsas.

    1. I have returned at least 4 PS4 controllers that has drift I usually keep 2 but somehow 1 always ends up drifting one that I currently have somehow doesn’t drift but whenever you want to run it glitches out 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. @LVLHPlego huh? It’s not surprising because it’s happened in each previous generation of console covering a span of nearly 30 years

  4. Remember when Zenimax released a video called “save player one” and then released fallout 76 on the same year?..

    Yeah… Don’t trust anything a corporate says

    1. @Lucas Jacques that was until now because they have announced that they will reduce ammount of aaa games and focus more on free to play games . They made 11 games that sold more than 10 million copies in this generation and ac Valhalla in its first week sold 1.7 million copies but their most successful game of this generation was rainbow six siege so they are focussing more on multiplayer games in this generation which will be free to play

    2. ​@M G Ubisoft lowkey went up though, they dont make the best games but theyve gotten progressively better even if they still only care about money


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