10 Rare Bosses Locked in HARD Difficulty Modes

Some video game bosses are laborious – others are EXCLUSIVELY tremendous laborious. Listed here are some loopy examples.
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  1. Playing a social game against someone who is the equivalent to a halo 2 jackal sniper on legendary is definitely a hard “boss” to beat

    1. @Dr904 lol that wasn’t a dig at you. it was a dig at the fact you can easily go “I wanna catch a few bugs and then I need to talk to the boar girl for turnips” and then it’s night, you’ve got 50 tarantulas and no turnips.

    1. It’s hidden behind a boss rush mode (which is hard af) and not behind a real difficulty setting, if it was a bonus boss for steel soul mode for example, then it could maybe count.

  2. I though he meant there were bosses that couldn’t be played in hard difficulty modes because they were too easy.


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