KNOCKOUT CITY Trailer (2021) PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC

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KNOCKOUT CITY Trailer (2021) PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC
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Comment (17)

    1. Whats there to like ? The false advertising ? In-game shops ? The rinse and repeat style of play ? Cartoony characters ? Those games ar clearly aimed at children, made to spend their money on ingame items to play a game which is just an online shooter ? When does it get old ? Arent you fed up with seeing games with fortnite like cartoony characters, made as fast as humanly possible to exploit a fad that kids are in to right now. Oh and lets add some characters that look like famous characters from other properties, but not quite. That doesnt sound like fun to me, more like a despicable practice, that should be frowned upon.

    2. @yoda110 Other than Valorant, not many Battle Area games have come out recently, so I don’t understand why you hate Battle Areas so much.

    3. @Brian Hennessy still, battle arena, battle royale and bloody remakes, all cash grabs. Oh, and pls dont’t call me „dude”.

    4. Dude I think you’re confusing Battle Arena with Battle Royal….this in no way said it was a Battle Royal game & pretty much looks like an over-stylized video game version of Dodgeball.

    1. Are you a dev ? Why are you defending this cash-grab of a game so much ? Just dont say its not click bait if the used a orc that looks like its a wow character, and princes peach twin in their ad.

    2. How? It showed you the game they were advertising. Just because they used “characters” from other games in an interview format of what those “characters” play when their games aren’t being played, doesn’t make it False Advertisement. Cyberpunk 2077 is closer to False Advertisement than this, as False Advertisement is showing a completely different product than was given.


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